Feed the Cats: Sprints-Based Lacrosse

by Tony Holler
Feed the Cats: Sprints-Based Lacrosse


“SPRINT BASED LACROSSE” is the ninth course of an ambitious “Feed the Cats certification program created by Tony Holler.

Feed the Cats is a revolutionary way of training, coaching, and teaching that values specificity, essentialism, performance, and love. After gaining a world-wide following in Track & Field, FTC has now gained a strong foothold in American football.

This presentation rocked the lacrosse world at the IMLCA National Clinic held in December of 2020. Tony Holler is the first presenter at IMLCA to never hold a lacrosse stick… yet the presentation got rave reviews. 

“Sprint Based Lacrosse” takes an overview of the traditional approach to sport training (lift weights and get tired every day), and turns it upside down. Feed the Cats is the name of the new model and speed is the priority. The foundation of that speed is rest, recovery, and sleep. 

More courses are on the way!

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The Process
1 Introduction 0:58 2 Feed The Cats 1:17 3 High Output 0:48 4 Hard Work + High Effort vs. Essential Work + High Output 0:46 5 The Process 0:30 6 Buckminster Fuller 0:18 7 Innovators 0:45 8 Extreme Results Never Come from Centrist Thinking 0:22
The Grind
9 The Prototypical Coach 1:48 10 Grinders 0:13 11 Tired is the Enemy, Not the Goal 1:32
The Art of War
12 Power - Speed - Strategy 0:19 13 Power Grade 0:38 14 Strategy 0:19 15 Speed Grade 0:42 16 Speed Must be the Only Priority 2:08 17 Max-Speed Sprinting is Extreme Movement 0:26
Aerobic Myth
18 From the Textbook 1:07 19 Ancient Wisdom from Nebraska 0:27 20 Nebraska Preaching Energy Systems 35 Years Ago 1:35 21 The B.S. About Being in 4th Quarter Shape 0:53 22 Stop Doing Sh*t That Makes You Slow 2:00 23 Bad Sprint Habits 0:42 24 Stop Conditioning for the Conditioning Test 2:25 25 Intensity - Recovery - Repeat (Stack Anaerobic Work) 1:35 26 Who’s in Better Shape, a Sprinter or a Distance Runner? 1:25
Prioritize Speed
27 The Folly of Too Many Priorities 0:32 28 The Main Thing 0:28 29 The Sprint Workout = 82 Seconds 2:01 30 Simple and Effective 0:27 31 McCaffrey Works with a Track Coach 0:28 32 21.7 MPH to 23.1 MPH in Six Months 1:46 33 1.4 MPH Difference 1:20 34 MPH’s Relationship to 40 Times 1:25 35 Rest, Recovery, and Sleep 0:30 36 Rest is Training 0:48 37 “Nito O Ou Omo Wa Itto O Mo Ezu.” 1:01
Speed Reserve and Sprint Capacity
38 Train at 100 MPH 0:59 39 Speed Reserve and 4th Quarter Play 1:05 40 Speed Creates Endurance, Endurance Negates Speed 0:36 41 Endurance Never Creates Speed 0:37 42 Aerobic Train F*cks Up Mechanics, Confuses the CNS, and Kills Cats 0:25 43 Sprint Capacity and Speed 1:08 44 A Culture of Speed 1:56 45 Slow Guys Can Hardly Move When Fatigued (Doesn’t Age Well Either) 0:33 46 Endurance Work Does Not Create 4th Quarter Freshness 0:27 47 The End of the 400 Meters Always Sucks 0:57
48 Accept Small Wins at the Craps Table 1:07 49 Hormesis Curve: Don’t Burn the Steak 0:13 50 Never Let Today Ruin Tomorrow 0:20 51 Off-Season Training Mistakes 1:49 52 Bill Bowerman: Moderate Exercise Never Leads to World Records 0:28 53 Weekly Practice Plan 2:16 54 In-Season Practice Mistakes 2:04 55 Toughness and Conditioning vs. Speed, Health, and Happiness 1:05
Why Feed The Cats Coaches Never Go Back
56 Mark Manson: It Must Be Fun, Exciting, or Emotionally Valuable 1:47 57 FTC Endless Feedback Loop 1:15 58 Contact Information 0:38

The Coach


Tony Holler

Head track coach at Plainfield North High School. 42 years experience coaching football, basketball, and track. Member of Illinois Track & Field Hall of Fame and Co-director of Track Football Consortium with Chris Korfist


  • Head Boy's Track & Field at Plainfield North High School (IL)
  • Retired Chemistry Teacher
  • Public Speaker
  • Writer for FreelapUSA, SimpliFaster, & ITCCCA
  • Creator and Owner of "Feed the Cats"
  • Co-Owner of Track Football Consortium
  • Certified Teacher of Reflexive Performance Reset

Ratings and Reviews (1)

Sam Aswegan

Fine for an overall philosophy on the role of sprint specific preparation in sport, however outside of one short video of a track workout, there is no usable content. Zero lacrosse specific information, and no content on structuring training blocks of any size.

Apr 12, 24 06:26 PM

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