Jay Van

How to Master the Lead Hook

In this course we cover all aspects of the lead hook in boxing.  First we cover all aspects of the lead hook itself and how to develop the most effective technique. Next, we cover tactics using the lead hook, this entails how to throw the lead hook in conjuction with all other aspect of your boxing such as footwork, defense, head movement and combinations. Next we get into the training aspect and cover the exercises that will allow you to delivery the fastest, and most powerful lead hook possible.  

1 Mastering the Lead Hook

Jay Van JT Van V Precision Boxing: The Ultimate Boxing Experience

After a successful career that encompassed competitive amateur boxing and the martial arts, Jason Van Veldhuysen now leverages the power of social media and technology to share his unique, results-driven training style with more athletes than ever before. Widely considered to be among the shrewdest coaches in combat sports, Van Veldhuysen pairs old-school fundamentals with cutting-edge fitness innovations that motivate fighters of any discipline to build their striking skills and reach their goals. Whether they come from traditional or Thai boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu or Mixed Martial Arts, Van Veldhuysen’s clients benefit from his encyclopedic knowledge of fighting tactics and techniques — as well as gain an in-depth understanding of the physiological and psychological factors every full-contact athlete must control to see improvement.

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