Intro to Snowboarding

When you first start snowboarding, getting going and safely stopping are key. Doug goes over a few helpful tips to keep you safe while getting down the hill.

1 Stop & Go 01:27
2 Riding the Lift 03:03
3 Falling Safely 01:26
4 Controlling the Board 02:43
5 Pop 02:12
6 Switch Riding 02:21
7 Tune & Wax 04:56
8 Base Repair 06:11

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JTB is a Full Certified Examiner. Not only has he reached the highest level of instructor certification, but he also evaluates others to see if they have the skills needed to be a top tier instructor. Between being the lead instructor at Squaw Valley, a Tech Team member and coaching at High Cascade Snowboard Camp, JTB is always on the snow making other riders and instructors better. We haven't had a chance to produce a video with him, but you'll see him riding in some of our photos and videos. Expect more from JTB and Thrive this coming season.

Doug Fagel is one of the premier snowboard educators in the US, Doug has had his hands in developing the education process used by instructors all over the West.

Lea Logan lives and works in Lake Tahoe as an instructor at Heavenly Resort, Lea is making a name for herself by developing educational tools specifically for women. 

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