The Challenger Way

Learn how to teach kids of all ages and abilities the skills and tricks made famous by some of the world’s brightest soccer stars. Get to grips with the legendary Cruyff turn, learn how to bend it like Beckham, and cut through defences like Ronaldo, as well as master the magic of Mata and Maradona. There are 32 tricks to choose from, so you’ll be spoiled for choice. Learn soccer skills the challenger way now.

1 Beckham Turn 00:27
2 Cruyff Turn 00:26
3 Devlinho 00:25
4 Elastico 00:26
5 Heel Toe 00:29
6 Inside Hook 00:28
7 Inside Taps 00:27
8 Maradona 00:24
9 Mata 00:26
10 Mini- Cruyff 00:29
11 Multiple Scissors 00:27
12 Okocha 00:28
13 Outside Hook 00:27
14 Rainbow 00:26
15 Rollovers 00:28
16 Ronaldinho squeeze 00:28
17 Ronaldo Chop 00:30
18 Ronaldo Scissors 00:26
19 Rooney 00:30
20 S&S Megs 00:30
21 S&S No Touch 00:29
22 S&S Sole to Inside 00:30
23 S&S Squeeze 00:29
24 S&S Toe Punt 00:27
25 Scissors 00:26
26 Step Turn Inside 00:28
27 Step Turn Outside 00:29
28 Toe Drags 00:26
29 Toe Taps 00:28
30 Zico Reversed 00:25
31 Zico 00:27
32 Matthews 00:27

ChallengerWay Peter Arch CEO at Challenger Sports

After 20 years of research in over 2,000 communities in the USA and Canada, Challenger has developed an innovative way of coaching your players that revolves around fun, personal challenge, maximum participation and constant positive feedback.The Challenger Way not only addresses the technical, tactical, physical and psychological requirements of the game at each age level, but more importantly it focuses on the child as an individual!

We question players to understand the solution to the challenges they face.
We provide positive feedback and encouragement at every step of the learning process.
We encourage players to communicate and think for themselves.
We challenge players to compete against themselves and to focus on improvement.
We know how to make traditional practices more fun.

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A lot of move to take in all at once, I'm sure I will eventually remember them. Great slow motion move to study.
Oct 17, 17 12:39 PM