The Rise Ball For the Younger Pitcher

by Jerry Johnson
The Rise Ball For the Younger Pitcher


Chelsea has been pitching the rise ball for over a year; still, her pitching mechanics continue to improve. The DVD is full of drills for the beginner, intermediate and advanced pitcher in addition to instructions and demonstrations for pitching the rise ball.

The rise ball has been known by many different names; however, it still remains the hardest pitch to master. The rise ball must move through the power zone.

The power zone is the chest area for most hitters. If the rise ball does not jump, the batter can, and will hit the ball. The rise ball when thrown properly does rise as it approaches the hitter. Practice and commitment make the difference.


"I watched the DVD before sending it off to Mel. I've seen all the rise ball DVD's on the market, and own and read every book on the subject (as well as hitting). This one and the Nancy Evans version go hand in hand as must viewing for wanna be rise ball hurlers. EXCELLENT!"
–Abel Gomez, Chino, CA

"Excellent video for the young pitcher Jerry! It's loaded with useful training exercises. I tell people that ask about breaking ball training DVDs to check it out."
–Dave Marinelli, Founder RevFire Corporation


Features: RevFire technology, slow motion, split screen, and bonus pitches included!


The Coach


Jerry Johnson

Founder of Jerry's FastPitch, LLC


Jerry Johnson was born and raised in Prattville, AL. After 26 years in the U.S. Army, he retired in 1993 with the rank of Sergeant Major. He remained in Beckley, West Virginia with his wife Rita after his retirement. Jerry began working with the West Virginia Greenbrier County Board of Education in the fall of 1993. There he taught JROTC at Greenbrier West High School.

Jerry Johnson has been involved in Softball for over 30 years; he has coached at every level. In 1996 he became Greenbrier West High School's first Softball coach. In September 2004, he became the Pitching Coach for the Mountain State University Lady Cougars softball team. In September 2005, he was assigned the Assistant Head Coach of the MSU Lady Cougars.

Jerry retired from the Greenbrier County School System in June 2005. Jerry Johnson is the owner and operator of Jerry's FastPitch, LLC and continues to teach private pitching lessons as well as organizing and participating in pitching clinics throughout Southern West Virginia. Jerry has coached students throughout the United States. Jerry is a graduate of Columbia College and Concord University (formerly Concord College).

Jerry specializes in the art of windmill pitching and hitting lessons for individuals and teams, plus camps for various groups such as colleges, universites, little leagues, high schools, ASA leagues, and all other organizations. Jerry offers 7 custom pitching and hitting DVDuniversitiesus on the younger pitchers and hitters, ages fourteen and younger, but any level of experience can benefit. He has reviewed countless other pitching and hitting DVD's and provides more step-by-step details about the "how to method of training" than other pitching and hitting DVD's. His pitching and hitting DVD's are sold at an affordable price of only $19.95 each while other pitching and hitting DVD's are sold at around $40 or more.  All of Jerry's pitching and hitting DVD's provide the following three things: Step-by-Step Instructions: Explains to the student about the "how to method" with correct mechanics. Teacher Demonstration: Shows the student how to do each drill and to correctly develop the muscle memory for that particular pitch. Student Demonstration: The Student will then excerise the proper mechanics for that pitch. Jerry places a lot of emphasis on using the proper mechanics in order to have a good solid foundation and muscle memory. This all comes in due time by exercising countless repetitions through continual practice.




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