Learn to Swim in 8 Lessons or Less

by BobbyBroome
Learn to Swim in 8 Lessons or Less


In this course you will watch an instructor teach the first eight lessons in the learn to swim process. You see clear demonstrations and examples of the skills.  You will learn important water safety and lifesaving tips and skills.  By following the cohesive progressions, you will learn how build a routine to practice and learn to swim quickly.  This video is perfect for those people who want to teach themselves or someone else.  The production is enhanced with beautiful underwater photography and a smooth sound track.


The Coach

Bobby Broome Aquatics is committed to saving lives one person at a time by teaching swimming and water safety to as many people of all ages and levels as possible.  We are committed to providing quality instruction that educates, enlightens, enriches quality of life. We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable, professional and effective.  Water safety is not an accident.  It is habits practice constantly.Bobby Broome, founder of Bobby Broome Aquatics is a graduate of Grambling State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Radio and Television. Bobby Broome is one of the most popular and accomplished swim instructors now living and working in Northern Virginia and Washington, DC.  Simply, Bobby is a really good swim instructor with a very high rate of success.  Now, he is sharing his successful methods with the world.  As a subject matter expert in aquatics, Bobby was a Senior Associate in Health and Safety/ Research and Development at the National American Red Cross in Washington, DC.  After leaving the Red Cross in 2009, Bobby reignited his swim school in Washington, DC.  His swim school began in 2001 in Southern California and continues there every June.  Bobby currently teaches an average of 95 to 100 students of all ages and levels each session all year round. Annually, Bobby conducts in service training and safety presentations for park districts, youth organizations and corporations.  He teaches American Red Cross Health and Safety courses such as Lifeguard Training, Water Safety Instructor, Safety Training for Swim Coaches, CPR/AED, First Aid, Oxygen Administration, and more.   He is a subject matter expert in aquatics and the author of “Learn to Swim in 8 Lessons or Less” and "The Parent's Guide To: Water Safety And Swim Instruction".  Prior to establishing his aquatics credentials, Bobby worked in the motion picture industry primarily for 24 years.  First, matriculating as a production assistant, then as an assistant cameraman and finally building a body of work as a Producer/Director/Cameraman/Editor. Marrying the two careers has resulted in what is presented here at

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