Utilize a Powerful Learning Tool with Your Program

by Coaches Edge
Utilize a Powerful Learning Tool with Your Program


Maximize player learning, information sharing, and accountability of information through the CoachTube Learning Management System.  This course will show you how to utilize CoachTube to engage your community of stakeholders from staff to players, parents, youth and junior high programs.


What the CoachTube LMS Can Do For Your Program
2 Introduction - CoachTube as Your Learning Management System 0:40
Your Team Culture
3 Use CoachTube to Build Your Culture 0:27 4 Ideas for lessons to include in your culture manual 5 Player Manuals & Staff Manuals
Installation of your Systems
6 Install Your Systems on CoachTube 0:57 7 Example installations 1:16
Teach Each Position - Put Position Manuals Here
8 QB Manual Example 9 Idea: Ignition Reels for Your Position (Billy Napier)
Develop Football IQ
10 Develop Football IQ 11 Example: Straddle Return
CoachTube LMS for Game Planning
12 Game Planning Presentations and Quizzes 4:00 13 Game Plan Presentation and Quizzes Example
Information for Parents
14 What Leaders Provide (to parents) 3:59 15 Example of YouTube Video embed - A Must Watch for Sports Parents
Build the Lower Levels of Your Program
16 Keep your lower level programs aligned
LMS Features
17 CoachTube LMS Features - Introduction 1:33 18 Upload any file for view only on CoachTube or as Downloadable 1:34 19 Including Power Point in Your LMS 1:21 20 Adding YouTube Videos/External Videos 0:45 21 Add articles, notes or lists easily 0:26 22 How to Create a Quiz 2:55 23 Quiz example
How to Create Your Learning Management System
24 Creating you LMS - The Operating System of Your Program
Allowing Access to Your Courses
25 Giving Access to Your Courses 2:21 26 Be sure all of your players, parents, youth coaches, create a free account
Create a revenue stream for your program
27 Raise funds for your program through our Ambassador Program 2:35

The Coach

CoachTube empowers you to create coaching courses Online for your program. We provide tools, technical support and guidance so you can quickly and easily get your stuff Online. Spend less time administrating & more time coaching.

CoachTube makes it easy to create and share your internal coaching and program  content with the specific targeted audience of those in your football community. Whether you are looking to  reinforce lessons, culture, technique, strategy, or have a centralized place for all of the knowledge shared in your program, CoachTube gives you the control and flexibility to publish your work privately to your team only and support your local community and organizations.

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