Brain Development Process in High Performance Players- Tamer El Sawy

by World Tennis Conference
Brain Development Process in High Performance Players- Tamer El Sawy


If you’re a high performance tennis coach, and you want to help your players fulfill their wildest dreams on court...


Whether that’s earning a college scholarship, playing on the pro tour, or even winning a Grand Slam…


Then, there’s a master key that unlocks all of these fantastic (and achievable) goals.


And once this lock opens, not only will your players begin to consistently break through…


YOU will create a lifetime of deep fulfillment and satisfaction, a lasting legacy, and yes, abundant financial reward!


This key unlocks the biggest obstacle a player will face… and that’s the 6 inches between their ears!


YES. Your players need elite strokes.


YES.  Your players need elite fitness levels.


YES.  Your players need to be tactically sound.


But we both know, that without the right mental make-up, a player can’t reach his/her fullest potential.


On the other side, with the right mind-set, all things are possible.


Imagine being seen as a master coach that consistently gets almost unbelievable results with your players year after year… even though they each have very different personalities and skill sets.


Imagine having a line of hungry, talented players waiting to train with you.


Imagine making even more IMPACT on your players, both on and off court.


In this breakthrough training, Tamer El Say as main speaker of the World Tennis Conference by GPTCA/SI 2021 presents


“Brain Development Process in High Performance Players.”


And in this course, he will show you EXACTLY what it takes to consistently develop talented players into the best they can be from a mental standpoint.  And how these amazing results can catapult your players to higher and higher levels of achievement.


The Coach


World Tennis Conference

For the Love of the Game


Tamer El Sawy was a main speaker of the World Tennis Conference by GPTCA/SI.  This highly esteemed organization is home to some of the greatest ATP coaches on the planet.  Tamer is also the GPTCA National President for Egyt, Ecuador and USA.

Additionally, Tamer played on the ATP tour for 6 years.  And has coached several top 70 ATP/WTA Players, most notably Vasek Pospisil (Top 25).


He also played

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