Tactical Structure of a Left-Handed Player and How to Combat it

by World Tennis Conference
Tactical Structure of a Left-Handed Player and How to Combat it


Everyone knows how tricky it can be to play a left handed player in tennis.  From the reverse spin to the nasty slice serve out wide in the Ad court, and the angles they create… running up against a lefty in the draw can have some serious challenges.
In this course, Former ATP and now GPTCA/ATP certified Coach Gonzalo Lopez will show you:
  • The 2 key advantages ALL players seek, why lefties have an “unfair advantage, and how you can flip the script to get the upper hand… even against the toughest lefty in your league or tournament.
  • The lefty’s “secret weapon”, how they routinely use the cross-court game in their favor, and the simplest way to neutralize this. 
  • Why it only takes 1 quality shot to control the rally, and EXACTLY where you need to hit the ball to accomplish this.
  • The one pattern that almost ALL lefties run that allow them to feast on their opponents, and the key to stopping them.
In “Tactical Structure of A Left-Handed Player” Coach Lopez also breaks down film from the 2017 Australian Open Final (Federer V. Nadal) and shows you exactly how Roger defeated his nemesis using the very tactics you’ll learn in this course.
In this highly acclaimed World Tennis Conference presentation, You’ll also learn:
  • Why a righty’s inside out forehand is actually the single most effective shot on a short ball, even though it’s hit to a lefty’s forehand, and how you MUST hit this ball to avoid losing control of the rally.
  • How a righty can “become the lefty”, and use the lefty’s tactics against him/her.
  • The 5 Golden Rules of playing a lefty.  (These are things that many TOUR players don’t know).
You’ll also get to see MANY instances where these rules come to life.
If you’re serious about improving your players' chances (or your own chances) against a lefty, this course will give you a solid foundation and understanding of how to work SMARTER, not harder.


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Gonzalo Lopez was a featured presenter at The World Tennis Conference, his other accomplishments include:

  • ATP Coach, Level A GPTCA Certified
  • Formerly Ranked ATP 169
  • 18 Years of Coaching experience
  • Has developed and traveled with top players such as: Julian Alonso (ATP 30), Teimuraz Gabashvili (ATP 43), Evgeny Donkey (ATP 66), and Jesse Levine (ATP 69)
  • Tennis director & co-founder of Pro Tennis Coaching BCN

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