Teaching the Mental Game

Teaching the Mental Game



Want Students to Learn the mental game? Have Them Teach It.

Learning by teaching has many benefits not limited to the comprehension of the mental game, this group lesson plan strategy also helps students develop essential emotional skills. Charting peers & explaining their findings opens the doors to new mental/emotional skills awareness for the athlete as well as critical opponent recognition-called opponent profiling. In addition to learning content, teaching exposes group communication skills, belief in themselves, and most important -confidence. If athletes feel confident enough to explain it to someone else, they’re on their way to improved competitive self-efficacy.

Learning by teaching increases your athletes competitive match skills as well as essential character trait building.


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USPTA Pacific Northwest


Frank Giampaolo

Frank Giampaolo is an award-winning coach, popular international speaker, and sports researcher. He is an instructional writer for ITF (International Tennis Federation) Coaching & Sports Science Review, UK Tennis magazine, the USPTA, Tennis Magazine, and Tennis View Magazine.  Frank is both a USPTA and PTR educator, a Tennis Congress Faculty Member, and has been a featured speaker at the Australian Grand Slam Coaches Convention, the PTR GB Wimbledon Conference, and Wingate Sports Institute (Israel.)

Frank is the bestselling author of Championship Tennis (Human Kinetics Publishing), Raising Athletic Royalty, The Tennis Parent’s Bible (volume I & II), and The Mental Emotional Workbook Series (How to Attract a College Scholarship, International Player Evaluation, Match Chart Collection, Match Day Preparation and Blunders, and Cures). His television appearances include The NBC Today Show, OCN-World Team Tennis, Fox Sports, Tennis Canada, and Tennis Australia.

Frank founded The Tennis Parents Workshops in 1998, conducting workshops across the United States, Mexico, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, England, Canada, and Spain. Frank’s commitment to coaching excellence helped develop approximately 100 National Champions, hundreds of NCAA athletes, numerous NCAA All-Americans, and several professional athletes. His innovative approach has made him a worldwide leader in athletic-parental education. Frank is currently the Vice-Chair of the USTA/SCTA Coaches Commission.

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christy funk

Excellent. Interesting and informative.

Jun 6, 21 02:13 PM

Michael Galli

Such a smart guy. A lot of common sense that gets lost with some coaches. ;)

Jun 7, 21 12:16 PM

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