2020 Track and Field Virtual Coaches Summit

by Track and Field Summit
2020 Track and Field Virtual Coaches Summit



Learn from 70+ Elite College and Professional Coaches, Trainers, and Olympians all over the WORLD!

Track & Field Coaches coming together to help fill the void of a season that was both cut short and canceled.

Seize the opportunity to get more educated and prepared for Tokyo 2021! 


1 Chris Korfist - Are Your Feet Making You Better or Worse? 2 Tony Holler - Sprint Training: Intro to Feed the Cats 3 Will Collins - Block Starts 4 Dr. Yessis - How to Get Faster Without More Running 5 Hunter Charneski - Layering Ground/Contact Qualities 6 DeShawn Fontleroy - In Depth Sprints: 100m & 200m 7 Brandon Wolucka - Sprint Mechanics and Drills 8 Eric Hanenberger - Sprinting: Being Great at the Basics 9 Lorne Marcus - Developing Sprinters at Smaller Institutions 10 Brett Wilson - Optimizing Periodization for Power-Speed Events 11 Rich Simmons - 4x100, 4x400, 4x800 12 Angela Williams - How to Bring the Best Out of the Sprinter Athlete 13 David Stone - Training for the Long Sprints Under Constraints 14 Laura Turner-Alleyne - West London Track & Field: Why, How, and What We Do 15 Jamie West - Hurdle Drills, Technique, and Corrections 16 Micheal Schober - Training Development: 100m - 800m
17 Mac Wilkins - Discus & Spin Shot Foundation 18 Mac Wilkens - Getting to a Good Power Position 19 Tony Ciarelli - Strength Program for the Throws 20 Jacob Cater - Training Philosophy for Multiple Event Throwers 21 Jim Aikens - An Easy & Practical Approach to Teaching the Glide Shot Put 22 Jim Aikens - Organizing & Implementing a Successful High School Throws Program 23 Tyler Rathke - How to Maximize Performance and Practice for Throws Athletes 24 Joshua Plante - Throws... Finding Your Mentor
Vertical & Horizontal Jumps
25 Sandi Morris & Christian Taylor Q&A 26 Nic Petersen - Jumps Training and Technique 27 Amy Acuff - High Jump Coaching Tips 28 James Thomas - Addressing Rhythmic Concerns in the Horizontal Jumps 29 Bob Thurnhoffer - Advanced Development in the Long Jump 30 Bob Thurnhoffer - Strategies in Triple Jump Development: Specific Examples 31 Erik Vance - Horizontal Jumps 32 Rober Davis - Preseason for your Jumpers 33 Jim Sprecher - Coaching The Multi Event Jumper 34 Tim Werner - How to Use the Swing-up Efficiently in the Pole Vault
Distance / XC
35 Akil St. Louis - Middle Distance 36 Chris Gannon - Winning Culture & Concepts 37 Chris Gannon - HS Training Concepts for XC/Distance 38 Noe Hernandez - The Ideal Cross Country Workouts
Coaching / Leadership / Culture
39 Brian Cain - The 10 Pillars of Track and Field Mental Performance Coaching 40 Jonina Brinson - Graduate Assistant Coaching: Hands on In Jumps, Compliance, and Inventory 41 Justin Wood - Building / Rebuilding a Program 42 Mike Rosolino - Empowering Athletes and Coaches in our Program 43 John Cahill - Running Personalities 44 Shawn Humphries - The #1 Process That World Class Performers Have and No One Can See It 45 Drew Mahin - Paths to Success in College Q&A 46 Todd Witzleben - Lessons Learned from the Greats 47 Lionel Leach - How to Talk with Incoming and Present Athletes 48 Nicole Freitag - Help High School Stand-Outs Transition to College
49 Keinan Briggs - How to Manage a Multi-Event Athlete for Success 50 Koby Styles - Training & Team Dynamics 51 Dr. Yessis - Specialized Strength Exercises (All Events) 52 Christopher Richardson - Tactical Preparation for Competition 53 Eugene Golloway - Acceleration & Strength Training 54 George Perry - Running is a Skill Sport: Skill Acquisition Techniques for Runners 55 Jon Hughes - An Unedited Week-Week Look at Training for Sprinters/LJ- fall 2019 56 Amanda Rego - Stronger Core for Faster Running 57 Kerri Gallagher - Progression in Training and Racing Strategy 58 Gene Byrn - Annual Training Plan for the "Social Media Athlete"

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