Feed the Cats: The Off-Season Speed Workout

by Tony Holler
Feed the Cats: The Off-Season Speed Workout


“The Speed Workout” is the first course of an ambitious Feed the Cats course created by Tony Holler.

Feed the Cats is a revolutionary way of training, coaching, and teaching that values specificity, essentialism, performance, and love. After gaining a world-wide following in Track & Field, FTC has now gained a foothold in American football.

“The Speed Workout” gives the background needed to adopt the “Do Less, Achieve More” fundamentals needed to understand minimalist sprint training. The goal of the course is to give the off-season athlete everything they need to begin training speed three times a week. The videos are simple, detailed, and reproducible. Workouts can be done solo. With the crazy circumstances surrounding the pandemic, athletes may find this course to be exactly what they are looking for. 


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Get Faster With or Without a Coach
1 "Feed The Cats" 1:58 2 Timeline 3:28 3 The Main Thing 1:25 4 My Cats Don't Run 1:35
The Science
5 Hormesis 1:32 6 Accept Small Wins 7 Diminishing Returns 0:55
The Grind
8 The Antithesis of Feed the Cats 0:57 9 No Pain No Gain 1:41 10 Tired is the Enemy, Not the Goal 3:12 11 The Pursuit of Speed 1:09
Increasing Speed
12 How to Increase Speed 1:36 13 Types of Off-Season Workouts 0:53
Speed Training
14 Weekly Amount 0:44 15 Sprint Workout 4:38 16 NOT Speed Training 0:44
Speed Drills
17 The Warm Up 0:15 18 Fast March 1:18 19 A-Skip 0:41 20 High Knees 0:10 21 Box Jumps 0:45 22 Power Bounds 0:42 23 Prime Times 0:41 24 Butt-Kick & Reach 0:18 25 Split & Rip to Top Speed 1:14 26 3 Timed Sprints 0:26 27 10m Fly #1 0:55 28 10m Fly #2 0:19 29 40 Yard Dash 1:55
30 Freelap Pro BT112 0:46 31 Top Speed 2:31 32 Data 2:12 33 John Wooden's 8 Laws of Learning 0:56
X-Factor Drills
34 Flat Wickets 1:05 35 Boom-Boom-Booms 0:59 36 Pogo Jumps 1:03
37 Breaking it Down 4:47 38 Bad Mechanics from Endurance 0:34 39 Bad Back-Side Mechanics 1:04 40 Correcting Back-Side Mechanics 1:23 41 Details to Watch For 2:33 42 Great Mechanics 0:50 43 No Collapse 0:30 44 Ground Contact Phase 1:20 45 Hip Hike 1:17 46 Improved Crossover 1:38 47 Swiss Ball Hip Hikes 2:54 48 Feed the Cats 102: X-Factor 1:18 49 Feed The Cats 101 Quiz
Bonus Material
50 Short Bio: Tony Holler 1:54 51 Contact Info 0:44 52 Freelap Advice 53 Solo Speed Training in 700 Words

The Coach


Tony Holler

Head track coach at Plainfield North High School. 42 years experience coaching football, basketball, and track. Member of Illinois Track & Field Hall of Fame and Co-director of Track Football Consortium with Chris Korfist


  • Head Boy's Track & Field at Plainfield North High School (IL)
  • Retired Chemistry Teacher
  • Public Speaker
  • Writer for FreelapUSA, SimpliFaster, & ITCCCA
  • Creator and Owner of "Feed the Cats"
  • Co-Owner of Track Football Consortium
  • Certified Teacher of Reflexive Performance Reset

Ratings and Reviews (45)


Fantastic course! I love the way Tony breaks his "Feed the Cats" training into lessons that are easy to understand and digest. This course is simple to navigate, easy to understand, it is incredibly useful and applicable if you're looking for max velocity training for your athletes. I'm a huge believer in Holler's philosophy and his numbers more than speak for themselves. I highly recommend this course if you train athletes that have a need for speed.

Sep 2, 20 10:53 AM

Justin Dottavio

Coach Holler is one of the best around. Great video with an easy to understand approach to sprint work.

Sep 21, 20 03:10 PM



Sep 23, 20 06:20 PM

mike chaney

great info easy to follow

Sep 30, 20 03:02 PM

Terrence Staples Sr.

I love this

Oct 18, 20 05:07 PM

Brandon Cox

Great layout and order of presentation. Short sections/lessons make it easy to follow along.

Nov 17, 20 11:09 PM

John Swartz

A perfect introduction to Tony and Feed the Cats

Dec 1, 20 07:27 AM

Blake Smith

Fantastic course! This is going to revolutionize T&F and S&C everywhere!

Dec 3, 20 11:19 AM

J Nugent

It was excellent.

Dec 10, 20 07:58 PM

Glenda Connelly

Love the rebels!

Dec 16, 20 05:18 PM

Alex Nadolna

Very Insightful and I can't wait to use it with my own athletes.

Dec 17, 20 02:01 PM

Brad Cooley

Great stuff!!

Jan 4, 21 06:00 PM

Jake Sorg

Very good. Thank you!

Jan 10, 21 06:24 PM


Excellent! Very Informative!

Jan 12, 21 08:37 AM

Steve Ybarra

Detailed, explains drills very thoroughly.

Jan 13, 21 05:30 AM

Johnny Peterson

👍🏾 great

Jan 18, 21 10:39 AM

Tim Harper

It is outstanding. The explanation is really good and in layman's terms. I appreciate that.

Jan 26, 21 10:58 AM

Peter Tanzillo

This course is great! Coach Holler provides tons of great information for all levels of Performance coaches.

Jan 31, 21 01:29 PM

Alexander Villarreal

This course has changed a lot of how I approach practice and training in all sports I coach.

Feb 18, 21 07:17 AM

Patrick Coughlin

Excellent course.

Feb 28, 21 02:27 AM

Sunny Huynh


Apr 3, 21 01:16 PM

Andrew Dorrel

Clearly laid out a plan to improve speed. Can't wait to implement this program with my football team and 13 year old son

Apr 7, 21 07:06 PM

olivier nemery

great program

Apr 18, 21 03:41 PM

Brett Rademacher

Excellent Course.

Apr 24, 21 12:55 AM

Gayla McMurrian

Love it! Thank you for the info!

Sep 19, 21 03:35 PM

Scott Smith


Nov 3, 21 11:53 AM

Ignacio Suarez Olivera

It was an excellent course with an extreme point of view which I found really interesting and aligned with what I believe in. Outside of mainstream media defined

Nov 7, 21 06:33 PM

Jesse Schoen

Great course and content!

Nov 12, 21 12:52 PM

Danielle Paley

Love it

Nov 17, 21 09:45 AM

Cheyenne Castillo

great overview of speed training

Dec 21, 21 09:04 AM

Erik Baker

very common sense....more is not always better, smarter and more intense is the answer

Dec 27, 21 08:44 AM

I am a real believer in Feed the Cats. I have been taking this approach for the last 2 track season and am looking forward to seeing some fast kids this spring.

Jan 20, 22 10:48 AM

James Waggitt

Really enjoyed the course, learnt a lot and something I will pass onto my clients and hopefully help them get faster.

Jan 27, 22 03:18 AM

MSD of Mt Vernon


Mar 16, 22 09:31 AM

Irvin Sigler

The diagnostic of mechanics is very helpful. There are ways to fix problems. Tony teaches you not only how to identify the problem, but how to fix it.

Mar 17, 22 11:03 AM

Rajasekhara Syamagari

Very well explained and backed up with detailed videos. A must for an athlete to gain speed.

May 1, 22 08:30 AM

Matthew Friedman

Excellent reference for what I have been working to do with my football teams.

Oct 27, 22 09:58 AM

Robbie Hamblin

Love all the material that you have provided, YouTube is great, but happy to support your efforts and build a very solid track team. I am an older (54) beginning coach but have always believed strongly in specificity in training.

Nov 15, 22 10:25 AM

Nikolaos Florakis

Effective Simplicity

Feb 5, 23 12:46 PM

Trent Robinson

It simply reinforces the mindset to coach differently for sprinting results

Feb 1, 23 08:09 PM

Stephen Cortez

Awesome course , everything very well explained .

Mar 9, 23 12:03 PM

Michael Dillon

Great explanations. Enough detail without getting long-winded. You can tell his philosophy has been distilled over decades of experience. I highly recommend this to anyone who coaches athletes who sprint and/or jump.

Dec 6, 23 04:16 AM

John Smelko

Great Course!

Dec 9, 23 07:28 AM

Cameron Moran


Dec 29, 23 05:22 AM

Rippin Vining

gives me a great understanding of sprinting and how to improve and the science behind it. will 100% be putting these into my weekly training.

Apr 29, 24 05:52 PM

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