Develop Your Inner Athlete : From Beginner to Elite
by Tom Mitchell Ph.D.

Develop Your Inner Athlete was originally created for aspiring athletes wanting to take their games to the next level. However, this course has become very helpful for coaches and parents who are passionate about bringing the best out of their players and kids.

The video course has 34 chapters which are each approximately 3 to 4 minutes long. Every chapter contains a story, a  lesson, and practice that teaches the athlete how to develop their mental game.

This course is designed specifically for those wanting to gain a competitive edge and an understanding of the habits and behaviors that are at the heart of an athlete success: confidence, communication, work ethic, teamwork, practice, visualization, and communication.

Sharing inspiring personal stories from successful coaches and athletes such as Phil Jackson, John Wooden, Joe Montana, Brian Boitano, Sugar Ray Leonard, Chris Mullin, and others, Tom weaves sport psychology principles into easy-to-understand messages and proven practices.

Chapter 1: Love the Game
1 Love the Game 03:45
2 Have Fun 04:40
3 Appreciate it All 03:35
4 Honoring the Game 07:10
Chapter 2: Evaluate Yourself
5 Evaluate Yourself 03:24
6 Power of the Pen 03:31
7 Compete with the Best 02:54
8 Confidence From Within 03:41
9 Learning from Loss 04:19
Chapter 3: The Inner Game
10 The Inner Game 03:45
11 A Balanced Life 03:12
12 Feel the Flow 03:43
13 Beginners Mind 04:03
14 A Powerful Imagination 04:13
Chapter 4: Practice with a Purpose
15 Practice with a Purpose 02:50
16 Hard Work 03:31
17 A Coaches Dream 04:13
18 Your Home Team 02:52
19 Never Give Up 03:33
20 Beyond your Comfort Zone 04:35
21 Welcome Pressure 03:55
Chapter 5: Free Your Mind
22 Free Your Mind 04:22
23 Positive Words 03:41
24 Emotions are Real 04:45
25 Express Yourself 05:08
26 Right Here/Right Now 03:58
Chapter 6: Your Inner Circle
27 Your Inner Circle 04:27
28 Communicate with your Coach 04:03
29 Ask for Help 03:55
30 Giving Back 03:12
Chapter 7: Have Courage
31 Having Courage 04:45
32 Fear as an Advantage 04:39
33 Protect Yourself 03:32
34 Put Yourself in their Sneaks 02:58
Chapter 8: Bonus Materials
35 Interview with Tom 18:36

TomMitchell Tom Mitchell Ph.D. Head College Coach, Professor, NBA Sport Psychologist, Executive Coach, Author, and Speaker

Tom Mitchell’s passion for exploring performance excellence began as an athlete in his native Pennsylvania where he was an All-State high school basketball player and a 4 year collegiate scholarship athlete.

His avid study of sport psychology, motivation and personal development has led Tom to a richly varied career. A former college head basketball coach and professor, Tom work for 14 years as the sport psychologist for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA.

Tom co-authored "The Winning Spirit: Sixteen Timeless Principles that Drive Performance Excellence" with NFL legend Joe Montana [Random House 2005] , and "Winning Spirit Basketball" with NBA Hall of Fame member, Chris Mullin [Skyhorse 2011].

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