PE `Rapid Relays`: Multiple sport skill activities pack - Grades K-3

by Prime Coaching Sport
PE `Rapid Relays`: Multiple sport skill activities pack - Grades K-3


› 25 thrilling, easy to set up, challenging team races (+ online 'how-to-play' videos) to run at your school gym or field - Great for practicing specific sport skills

Do you need some competitive activities? The rapid Relay Races PE Sport Skills Pack is ready with 25 thrilling, easy to set up races to run at your school gym or field. They’re great fun to use at any time of the year in your PE units, or even at sporting carnival days and events. These quick, refreshing activities will get your students looking forward to your gym lessons every week! 

1. Divide the class into equal teams (or house groups etc…), and one at a time from each group, kids complete the sport skill activities as fast as they can

2. Ways to run them:

- Continuous – With no time limit, groups keep going and going, allowing for plenty of time to practice the tasks.


- Competitive – Teams do the activity as quickly as possible and the first team with all players to successfully complete it wins.

Play multiple rounds of the same challenge before setting up another activity, and your students will love these relays, and week by week will be motivated to challenge themselves, work as a team and get awesome at sport!!


25 thrilling Relay Race activities

You will be fully equipped with 25 easy to set up stations, with clear instructions on how to run each activity and challenge your kids ability. There are 5 relay race variations for each skill element, for: 

• Striking

• Moving

• Bouncing

• Throw & Catching

• Kicking

These activities will work the skills above to help develop your kids into budding tennis, hockey, basketball, American football and soccer stars in no time!! Impress your principal and other staff members with confidence, working on your pupils' hand-eye co-ordination, balance, agility and fundamental movement skills!


I've set up and recorded each variation to show your kids, explaining what they need to do - That means teaching your class sport has never been so easy!


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