Solo Sport Skills Collection - Over 250 individual PE tasks & challenges

by Prime Coaching Sport
Solo Sport Skills Collection - Over 250 individual PE tasks & challenges


› A massive collection of over 250 individual physical education challenges to develop fundamental sport skills

I've recorded all of my best, simple-to-follow tasks for you to use to develop and teach your PE programs. Take out all the stress of planning by using these video challenges at any grade level, as your students work to develop their fundamental building blocks for co-ordination, reaction, agility, balance, strength and more for various sports. 

Simply watch the videos as I, Coach Danny, demonstrate the skills using basic PE equipment such as cones, different sized balls and hoops, and then you can set up your lessons as you like - use the ideas in circuit activities, relay races, stations, playground activities...however works best for you and your class.

There are 8 sections which cover all the fundamentals needed for PE:

  • Striking (x56) - Hockey, tennis, volleyball
  • Moving (x49) - Running, hopping, jumping, balancing...
  • Bouncing (x27) - Basketball
  • Throwing & catching (x28) - Using tennis balls, large balls, bean bags, cones, footballs...
  • Kicking (x40) - Soccer, American football
  • Fitness (x33) - For core, stamina, power, legs & arms...
  • Warming up (x25) - On the spot & end to end
  • Stretching (x16)

You can even play these videos via projector onto a wall at one end of the gymnasium, and have everyone in their own space with their own equipment following along, or load the onto Ipads for students to work through in their own time.

This course is essentially EVERYTHING YOU NEED to build a PE structure for your school - you won't find anything else more consistant and engaging than these ideas with this dynamic approach. And of course, I do the teaching so you don’t have to!

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