2020 Virtual Baseball Coaches Summit - Complete Speaker Bundle

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2020 Virtual Baseball Coaches Summit - Complete Speaker Bundle


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The Virtual Baseball Coaches Summit was a big hit. With more than 80 MLB & NCAA coaches speaking.

During this summit, you'll learn tips, tactics, principles & strategies from the best minds in the game today. These coaches shared their knowledge on the hottest topics in baseball:

  • Pitching & Hitting Development
  • Sabermetrics & Baseball Analytics
  • Mental Skills
  • New School vs Old School
  • Recruiting & Scouting in Today's Game


Here are all the replays of every single speaker from this year's summit. Donation ticketholders here is your lifetime access to this incredible event.


1 Wayne Mazzoni (Sacred Heart University) - The Things I've Learned In 30 Years As A College Pitching Coach 2 Ben Brewster (Tread Athletics) - Open Q/A on Developing Pitchers & Velocity 3 Andy Powers (Texas Pitching Institute) - How To Win More Games And Dominate On The Mound, Even If You Have No Time Or Very Good Players 4 Brent Pourciau (Top Velocity) - Pitching Development 101 5 Perry Husband - Effective Velocity: The Secret To How Pitchers Can Start Missing More Bats (Part 1) 6 Perry Husband (Effective Velocity) - Is Pitch Sequencing Art or Science? (Part 2) 7 Fred Corral (University of Missouri) - My Big 3: Simplify Command, Bullpen Variations, and Reading the Delivery 8 John McCormack (Florida Atlantic University) - How To Manage Your Pitchers & Your Bullpen 9 Robert Marcello (Seattle Mariners) - Development of Pitchers 10 Ron Wolforth (Texas Baseball Ranch) - (Part 1) Performance Enhancement for The Modern Throwing Athlete 11 Ron Wolforth (Texas Baseball Ranch) - Part 2: The Most Common Mistakes Made in Pitching Development, Velo Development, Arm Care & Pitch Design 12 Harold Mozingo (Mozingo Baseball) - Pitching Development: Controlling the Collisions 13 Dan Lazzaroni (The Wave Method) - Pitching & Player Development 14 Colter Bostick (Maximized Baseball) - Breaking Down and Rebuilding a Dynamic Delivery
15 Monte Lee (Clemson University) - Teaching Approach in Hitting 16 Matt Lisle (Fresno State & The Hitting Vault) - Hitting: Drills, Drills, Drills 17 Brandon Matthews (Tarboro River Bandits) - Two Strike Hitting 18 Nino Giarratano (University of San Francisco) - How Hitters Can Get To Your Spot On Time 19 Mik Aoki (Morehead State University) - Old or New School, It's Hitting School 20 Troy Silva (Rijo Athletics) - The Brutal Reality of Hitting- What is right? Who do I believe? What really gets on-field results? 21 Scott Malone (Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi) - How Successful Hitters Spend Their Time In The Cage 22 Joe Espinosa (Espinosa Baseball) - Developing a Long Term Plan for Hitting Success 23 Mark Smartt (Troy University) - Game Speed Batting Practice 24 Kyle Nelson - The Hitting Pyramid - An in Season Player Development Mindset 25 Mike Ryan (Fastball USA) - Hitting Made Simple
26 Jerry Weinstein (Colorado Rockies) - What Catchers Need To Know About Calling Pitches & Game Management 27 Jeff Smith (Tampa Bay Rays) - Catching Development Pyramid 28 Todd Coburn (The Catching Guy) - The "Catcher's Big 3" - Tips, Drills & Exercises to Improve Performance 29 Brett Thomas (The Catching Academy) - Importance of Receiving: Deep Dive
Defense and Fielding
30 Perry Hill (Seattle Mariners) - The 6 F's of Fielding 31 Jake Boss (Michigan State University) - Recruiting + Outfield Play 32 Mike Dickson (Rowan University) - Successful Team Defensive Strategies 33 Mike Ramazzotti (UC San Diego) - Infield Play 34 Duke Baxter (Dominate The Diamond) - How To Have Fun and Be Creative On Defense 35 Clay Cox (Paris Junior College & Infield U) - The Dirt Lab: Building the Complete Infielder
36 Blake Lewis (Lawson State CC) - All Things Baserunning 37 Adam Szabo (Excelerate Athletic Development) - Applying Athletic Movement Principles to Running Bases 38 Will Davis (Lamar University) - Controlling The Running Game
The Mental Game
39 Steve Springer (Toronto Blue Jays & - Mental Performance in Baseball 40 Shawn Humphries (Elite Performance Systems) - #1 Process That World Class Performers Have and No One Can See it. 41 Andy McKay (Seattle Mariners) - Coaching the Mental Game 42 Brian Cain - The 10 Pillars of Mental Performance Mastery for Baseball 43 Jason Oates (Whistle & A Clipboard) - Removing the Fear of Failure from our Players
Practice Planning
44 Monte Lee - Dynamic Practice Design 45 Anthony Plá (Lincoln University) - Practice Planning 46 Shaun Larkin (Los Angelos Dodgers) - Practice Design & Managing Behavior 47 Lou Proietta (Saint Peter's University) - Maximizing Efficiency and Resources in Practice 48 Steve Nicollerat (Coach Baseball Right) - Practice Planning: Using Progressive Drills to Develop Your Players 49 Liam Bowen (UMBC) - Practice Organization 50 Chris Curry (University of Arkansas - Little Rock) - Practice Organization
Strength & Conditioning
51 Eugene Bleecker (108 Performance) - Applying Foundational Human Movement into Baseball 52 Zach Dechant (TCU) Conditioning for Baseball 53 John O'Neil (Cressey Sports Performance) - Successful Training Principles for Baseball Coaches 54 Paul Cater (Baltimore Orioles & The Alpha Project) - Major League Training Methods: Iso Inertial Training 55 Corbin Hedt (5 Tool Sports) - Injuries and Rehab for the Baseball Athlete 56 Randy Sullivan (Florida Baseball Ranch) - Getting SAVAGE: Training Movement Not Mechanics 57 Miguel Aragoncillo (The Performance Cypher) - Understanding Youth Athlete Specialization Injuries in Baseball 58 Ryan Faer (Cleveland Indians) - Creating Adaptations with Limited Resources 59 Valerie Schneiderman (IMG Academy) - Yoga, Breathing and Mindfulness: Applying Yoga Techniques to Enhance Athletic Performance 60 Esia Rivera (FootDocter Esia) - Leveraging Sling Tension for Increased Athletic Performance (Fascia & Sling Systems)
Culture & Leadership
61 Barry Davis, PhD (Rider University) - Transformation, Leadership, and Culture Change - Views from Nine NCAA Elite Head Baseball Coaches 62 Jeremy Sheetinger (Georgia Gwinnett College) - Building A Championship Environment 63 Andy Harris - Creating Consistent Culture in Your Program 64 Travis Wyckoff (Kingdom Coaching) - How to Get Alignment In Your Program 65 Jason Ferber (Coach Ferber Sports) - How to Have Feel, Establish Trust, and Connect with Young Athletes 66 Fergus Connolly - Lessons From Other Sports For The Future of Baseball 67 Micah Stancil (University of South Carolina Union) - Culture & What We Can Do As Coaches To Help Prepare High School Athletes For The Next Level 68 Owen Reid (Reid Baseball) - Beyond the Ballplayer: The Power of Accountability
Head Coaching
69 Jeff Brabant (Miles Community College) - JUCO recruiting to and From 70 Justin Stone (Chicago Cubs) - How Things We’ve Learned in Tech Can Transfer To Your Drills at Home 71 Todd Guilliams (University of Kentucky)- High Scoring Baseball 72 Ryan Johansen (Johansen Baseball Inc) - Scaling New Information 73 Rob Henry (Kentucky State University) - Building The Right Offense For Your Team 74 Tom Eller (Baltimore Orioles) - How To Develop The Complete Offense 75 Nate Trosky & Trent Mongero - Master Coaching & Master Learning w/ Trosky & Mongero 76 Nate Trosky (Trosky Ranch & Area Code Baseball) - Player Development: Train Like Your Hair Is On Fire 77 Kyle Nelson (Cornerstone Coaching Academy) - Developing an Individualized Pitcher Development Plan in a Team Setting 78 Dave Jauss (New York Yankees) - Coaching Coaches 79 Brian Hamm (Eastern Connecticut State University) - Teach Your Players to Pay Attention Without Having to Say It: Coaching Techniques to Build Awareness, Focus, and Presence. 80 David Friedman (Cincinnati Reds) - A Scout's Perspective & International Scouting 81 Tim DeJohn "DJ" & Ryan Fuller (Baltimore Orioles) - Baseball & Life w/ Two Orioles: Open Q/A 82 Jesse Cole (Savannah Banana's) - How to Stand Out and Innovate
Tech & Analytics
83 Bobby Tewksbary (Tewskbary Hitting) - The Real Challenges of Hitter Assessment & Development 84 Peter Fadde (GameSense Sports) - On Your Own at Home: Training Pitch Recognition 85 Bill Sandillo (Predator USA) - The New Metrics of Hitting 86 Lary Sorensen & Bryan Eisenberg - New Tech Approach To Old School Pitching: A Conversation w/ Bryan & Lary 87 Jake Stone - Simple Sabermetrics Q/A
88 Strength Coaches Round Table Talk 89 Hitting Coaches Round Table Talk 90 Pitching Coaches Round Table Talk

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