Fencing Footwork You Can Practice at Home
by Tyler Kvols-Riedler

Hi, my name is coach Tyler with the Florida Fencing Academy. I’m here to show you some footwork drills you can do to practice at home.

TylerKvolsRiedler Tyler Kvols-Riedler

Coach Tyler has been one of the top saber fencers in the state of Florida for the past 15 years. He has over 23 years of experience in all 3 fencing disciplines (Saber,Foil,Epee) and uses innovative coaching techniques to bring out the best in our academy fencers.

His fun, high energy coaching style is combined with patience and knowledge of the sport. This combination has helped his students earn A ratings, win metals at International, national, state and local competitions as well as earn spots on national teams.

He is also a certified referee in all 3 weapons and a USFA Professional Member.

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