FOCUS - Why my athletes have trouble and how can it be fixed?

by Mike Cavers
FOCUS - Why my athletes have trouble and how can it be fixed?


FOCUS - Why can't my players focus?  How can I get them to focus more in practice?  They think they can 'flip the switch' come game time.  If your athlete cannot learn to focus at a high level during practice how do you expect them to compete during the game and in the critical performance situations.  The brain is naturally lazy and doesn't like to focus.  There is a way to put resistance on the brain and turn on it's electricity in order for the brain to reach new levels of speed and efficiency.  This can be trained and the brain will adapt and learn to process stimuli faster which slows down the game.  Better Reaction Time.  Better Focus.  Better decisions are made.  Performance anxiety is reduced.  The chaotic moments in competition become easier to manage.  Learn how we can improve focus and improve performance consistency.


The Coach


Mike Cavers

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Mike Cavers is a former college and professional athlete.  He worked for NIKE for over 15 years with elite athletes, coaches and team personnel and learned firsthand how athletes at all levels deal with the rigors of performing at a high level and how easy it is for them to succumb to the pressures and self-doubts.  He has learned to approach coaching and training with an innovative mindset and help both coaches and athletes avoid slumps, choking, anxiety and inconsistent performance.

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