Mental Side Approach to Hitting

Spring's mental side impacts hitters. The mental side of hitting is more important than acquiring the perfect swing. Trying to improve bat speed and getting the proper baseball swing each pitch requires proper hitting mechanics. The same goes for your mental approach. If the mental side of baseball is 90 percent of the game, then why do we not spend more time training mentally? The best baseball hitting videos address this.

After watching Spring's new CoachTube course - The Mental Side of Hitting™, your approach will never be the same.

One of the best baseball hitting tips you can receive is right here. Baseball hitters, coaching professionals and parents - take advantage of this opportunity to get you or your player’s mental side of hitting right.

Steve’s mental side covers a wide range of topics from setting realistic ATTAINABLE goals to the proper mental approach to hitting. This hitting course also contains powerful training tips including Steve teaching, explaining, and demonstrating hitting the inside part of the ball.

Let Steve teach you how to recognize the ideal type of power backspin that can be achieved when properly hitting the inside part of the ball. After watching this unique course, your approach will never be the same. We guarantee it!

SteveSpringer Steve Springer Former Big Leaguer, Blue Jays Scout & Performance Coach

For 8 years, Steve Springer was the performance coach & major league scout for the Toronto Blue - Jays.

Spring played over 14 years as a professional and compiled over 1600 professional hits. Over 30 years in professional baseball as a baseball player, agent and scout.

He resides in Huntington Beach CA, and is the author of Quality At-Bats and the founder of Quality At-Bats Academy.

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