T-Ball Skills & Drills

T-Ball Skills & Drills provides over 30 creative t-ball drills for young athletes as well as basic skills for teaching throwing, hitting and fielding techniques in an easy-to-follow program.

This course highlights:

  • All t-ball basics
  • Hitting Fundamentals
  • Throwing fundamentals
  • Correcting throwing flaws
  • Baserunning fundamentals
  • Fielding fundamentals
  • Drill organization
  • Safety issues
  • Fun games
  • Hints for first time coaches & parents
  • and more!

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MartySchupak Marty Schupak Owner of Youth Sports Club

Marty Schupak received his Master's Degree in Physical Education from Arizona State University. He has been coaching youth sports for over 25 years, produced over 20 instructional videos and authored many popular coaching books.

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David Alexander
David Alexander

Great info
Apr 9, 17 03:19 PM