The Foundational 18 Drills You Need to Build Your Infield

This course features our general infield drills. What is different from us than the rest of all the drills online is that we really believe in the progressive order drills should go in. Drills, like teaching, is meant to build off of prior and previous knowledge. In this course you will have the foundational and fundamental set of 18 Drills to Build Your Infield.

coachbaseballright Steve Nicollerat Coach Baseball Right

National Epstein Master Certified Hitting Instructor (2009)

Missouri High School Hall of Fame: Coach (2015)

Greater St. Louis Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame: Coach (2016)

Bob Broeg Annual Award - Greater St. Louis Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame (2017)

600+ Wins (3rd Overall in Missouri High School History)

Founder of Coach Baseball Right

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