Where to Start

by Coach Ed
Where to Start


With all the information available, where does a player start? As a parent what are the first steps?


In the Beginning

The Coach

I will start with what I am not:

  1. I am not a professional athlete, I did not even make my high school team. I had a cannon for an arm, and was very fast, but never had anyone to bring those abilities under control or to enhance them. I could throw the ball along way but had no idea where it was going.
  2. I am not someone who believes in the innately gifted. The 'either you have it or you don't' crowd.
  3. I am not someone who believes in the quick fix or the short cut sales technique.
I am:
  1. An engineer
  2. A practical applicator
  3. I am not someone who thinks the odds are too long. I have always thought "why not (fill in the blank)". Recent genetic research backs me on this now. That is not genetics it is genetics times environment. And this is where players, parents, and coaches come in. We design the environment to increase both skill and ability.
  4. I am someone who believes in goal setting and objective measurement.
  5. I have spent 30 years in the trenches coaching Little League, Pony, High School, and both attending private lessons, and giving them.
  6. I am someone who is always seeking new information, looking to ask better questions.

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