48 Championship Basketball Drills

The Youth Sports Club is a leading producer of sports instructional videos and DVDs. 48 Championship Basketball Drills video is called "youth basketball's sixth man". This video provides dozens of creative drills used by successful coaches. Whether you are a coach of a school team or a parent coaching a youth team, this video will help you run effective, efficient practices that improve player and team skills while keeping players highly motivated. The video includes shooting, conditioning, rebounding, passing, and ball handling drills, plus lots more! This video is now recommended for youth coaches by the National Youth Sports Coaches Association, the largest organization for amateur youth coaches.

MartySchupak Marty Schupak Owner of Youth Sports Club

Marty Schupak received his Master's Degree in Physical Education from Arizona State University. He has been coaching youth sports for over 20 years, produced over 20 instructional videos and authored many popular coaching books.

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