A Playbook On How To Create Your Own Sport Facility

by Golden Ticket Sports
A Playbook On How To Create Your Own Sport Facility



Right now you are frustrated.

 So were we.  

We were two Basketball coaches who were tired of the lack of facilities in our area, and thought it was time to go all in, and create our own.

 So we did.  

During a world wide pandemic. 
- In 6 months
- Using less than $5,000 of our own money
- No Private Investors

 A Playbook for Creating Your Sport Facility is a fully immersive course to take you from dream, to reality and show you exactly how to do this in less time, for less money than you thought possible. 

The course features 55 Chapters and is over 6 hours long.

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The course is housed on another site, purchasing via coach tube you will get access to the online course site! 

Who is this for?

+ You have specialized knowledge, whether that be sport specific, or business
+ You are invested in creating a space for sport, and all the good that comes along with it.
+ You understand that results take time and effort
+ You are comfortable promoting yourself and your work.
You are seeking out to do things others won't and cannot do.

The Material

+ How to structure and build a business that is sustainable and profitable.
+ How to create your sport facility, from idea to reality. We give full insight.
+ How to build an sport infrastructure to support your facility and business
+ How to leverage social platforms to scale, and create the cool factor
+ A complete overview of how we did what we did, mistakes and all.
+ A budget overview, pain points, what to expect, how to counter, and win.

We have watched every Youtube video, Googled, and read anything out there that is a guide to building your own Basketball, Volleyball, or any other sport facility. 

  there is not another course like this anywhere

Here is what this course isn’t:
it isn’t thrown together like a 15 minute youtube video that shows you cool before and after pictures and talks about the “Grind”, that comes with the territory.
It isn’t a how to be successful, but it is a road map born from successful ideas executed now daily on the ground at Hoop Factory.
It isn’t anyone else’s experience
It isn’t a “get rich quick guide”
It isn’t a one size fits all, but we believe it has some practical things that all can shape and take on to fit their needs.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, it isn’t a course done by professional carpenters, builders, engineers, etc.
It is a course on how two Basketball Coaches figured a way to put together an 8000 square foot multi sport facility in less than 6 months during a world wide pandemic with investing less than $5000.00 of their own money total, no private investors, and one small bank loan. Something not done before in their area, let alone done during a world pandemic.

If we can do it, so can you, AND we can help. 
We have traveled the world, and worked with different sport organizations in every area, from the pro's to the grassroots and everything in between, this course is the one for anyone who want to turn their dreams into a reality.


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The Coach


Golden Ticket Sports

Always Creating, Building, and Innovating


Golden Ticket Sports Inc. is a relationship-based company that specializes in player, coach, official, and multi-sport events. Golden Ticket Sports prides itself on being the most organized, well communicated, and well-planned sporting event company. We work with corporate clients, clubs, coaches, and members of sports from around the world. Our annual conferences are meant for everyone, regardless of the level of play or age. We would love to get in contact to see how Golden Ticket Sports can best serve you.

Golden Ticket Sports has done event all over the world, including hosting Canada's largest Coaches Clinic, Global Youth Summits, and partnering with various national sport organizations. 

In the fall of 2020 Golden Ticket Sports opened Hoop Factory, a completely renovated 8000 square foot warehouse turned multi sport facility. 


Golden Ticket Sports is ran by Chris King and Tanner Brightman. 


Chris King and Tanner Brightman met in 2013 while taking their NCCP Coaching Certification in Saskatoon, and would stay on as friends, connecting a few times a year at various Basketball events. As Tanner began the Best in the West Coaches Conference in the fall of 2017, Chris was asked to be one of the first speakers, once again, this was the case in 2018.

As their friendship and appreciation for one another’s skillsets continued to grow, they took the chance to coach together leading Basketball Saskatchewan’s U15 Development Team in the summer of 2018. Working together in this context planted the seed for the formation of Golden Ticket Sports, and in the fall of 2019, Golden Ticket Sports Inc. became a reality.

Find us here:
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Our Website: www.gtshoopfactory.com
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