ADVANCED SCOUTING: How to scout your opponent and make reports #GetReady

by Luka Bassin #BassketSTUDIO
ADVANCED SCOUTING: How to scout your opponent and make reports #GetReady


Advanced scouting is must have in modern basketball if you want to win more games and be ready / prepared for your next opponent. Advanced scouting is the process of collecting informations about your next opponent, putting and selecting informations into paper work and video reports, drawing diagrams of systems, preparing head coach, staff and players to know offensive and defensive tendencies of the team we face, as well as qualities and weaknesses of individuals in opponent's team. 

In this course I present you techincal equipment you need, scouting techniques to make observations and to make quality reports, how to watch, think and observe games and the most important thing how to select informations that are cruical for our future success, informations and tendencies to be prepared and ready to win more games. And to educate our players. 

In the course you will find examples of advanced scouting reports that I made (paper work and video reports) and step-by-step tutorial to produce quality reports. By quality reports I mean the reports that are simple, effective and interesting, not too short, not too long...the video and paper reports that your can keep focus on and remember the important things, remember the startegy and believe you that such reports can help them win more games and play better.

We must know: We do advanced scouting reports for players first. We do the reports to be ready for our opponent, we do the reports to improve...

Presentation of video reports is also thing that build your players' mentality and knowledge. We must do everything we can to catch the interest of players.


The Coach


Luka Bassin #BassketSTUDIO

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Luka Bassin is basketball coach from Slovenia that worked with high level European teams, youth national teams and senior national teams as advanced scout and assistant coach for two decades. During that time Luka probably made around 1000 advanced scouting reports, paper works, team video reports and individual video reports. Luka is very experienced, knows the technical equipment, apps and ways to find and collect important informations. He owns #BassketSTUDIO company, doing and sharing many video edits and helping young coaches to learn the business. 

Luka Bassin was working in many clubs, from youth teams to national teams, in different positions, from video coordinator, advanced scout, scout, assistant coach to head coach. He is one of the best player development coaches in Europe and worked with many present and past Euroleague and NBA players. 

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Kostas Kalogeropoulos

This course is a MUST for assistant coaches! Coach Bassin provides you with the method & the tools needed to make and improve the opponent team & players scouting process. Using either everyday apps (like Word or any video editing software) or pro solutions (like Fastdraw or Klipdraw), you can get many ideas & points of emphasis to improve your scouting reports to pro level quality!

Nov 17, 21 02:29 AM

Jack Zagar Carrey

Advanced scouting is such an important process in today's basketball. I found all the necessary information on how to make good video report and what is important while doing paper work. Even more important - how to present our work to players and staff.

Jan 20, 22 02:27 PM

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