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Luka Bassin #BassketSTUDIO

Xs&Os video breakdowns. NEXT LEVEL edited video PLAYBOOKS. Player Development Clinics


Player Development coach & advanced scout. Was assistant coach of Slovenia national team (European Champion 2017 and semifinalist of Tokyo Olympics 2021) during FIBA window 2020. Basketball coach, scout and video producer from 1993 at different levels (FIBA Champions League, EuroCup, ABA) in Europe. Worked with many players (in High School team, Youth Club teams, National teams and Senior teams) that have / had NBA careers. Advanced Scout and Video coordinator. Collaborate with many NBA scouts considering Evaluation of NBA prospects in pre - Draft process. Organizer of International Basketball Camps in Slovenia, Croatia, Estonia and France. Player Development coach.
Ex - Player from Slovenia (played in European Korać Cup).