BACK SCREEN special Systems that work (SURPRISE ATO sets)

by Luka Bassin #BassketSTUDIO
BACK SCREEN special Systems that work (SURPRISE ATO sets)


Here is collection of 33 After-Time-Out BACK SCREEN plays (and "Blind Pig" plays) from European basketball made by professional coach from Slovenia Luka Bassin. You can find ATO sets from top European teams and National teams used in last few seasons. Videos are edited with points of emphasis and divided into three groups - plays for centers, plays for power forwards and plays for perimeters.

TIMING, SPACING and good BACK SCREENING is the KEY for effectivness. ATO plays normally finished with easy baskets or open shots. 

In this course you will find:

- ATO sets for BIG MAN 5


- ATO sets for PERIMETER (PG, SG, SF)

- Blind Pig plays

- Features for BACK SCREEN ATOs, KlipDraw edited points of emphasis

- ATO plays that WORK


1 Back Screen for Flare Screener (ALBA Berlin) 0:12 2 Back Screen from Decoy Pin Down (Argentina NT) 0:12 3 Back Screen from Spanoulis entry (Brose Baskets) 0:19 4 Back Screen with Decoy Post up of PF (Galatasaray) 0:16 5 Back Screen Special out of Curl (Hapoel Jerusalem) 0:18 6 Back Screen from UCLA cut entry (Mornar Bar) 0:13 7 Back Screen in Transition (Real Madrid) 0:10 8 Back Screen from Decoy PIN DOWN (Serbia NT) 0:17 9 Back Screen from FLEX entry (Koper Primorska) 0:20 10 Back Screen for Back Screener (Slovenia NT) 0:17 11 Back Screen for Flare Screener out of Spain PR entry (Tenerife) 0:14 12 Back Screen for Back Screener (Triumph) 0:21 13 Back Screen from Fake Stagger (Olimpija) 0:19 14 Back Screen from Decoy Pin Down (Olimpija) 0:14 15 Back Screen from Drag transition offense (Australia NT) 0:10 16 Back Screen for PF from DRAG offense (Serbia NT) 0:36 17 Back Screen Special out of Decoy Pick&Pop (Crvena Zvezda) 0:22 18 Back Screen with Decoy Post up for C (Germany NT) 0:35 19 Back Screen from Fake Triple Stagger (Juventus) 0:12 20 Back Screen from Fake Pick&Pop Entry (Zalgiris) 0:13 21 Back Screen from ZIPP entry (Banvit) 0:14 22 Back Screen from HOF entry (Hapoel Jerusalem) 0:14 23 Double Back Screen Option (North Macedonia NT) 0:23 24 Back Screen from Fake LOOP entry (Partizan) 0:13 25 Double Back Screen Option from Diamond (Poland NT) 0:14 26 Back Screen from Wing HOF entry (Slovenia U18 NT) 0:13 27 Back Screen ATO for Point Guard (Cedevita Olimpija) 0:21 28 Back Screen 5 - 2 ATO from WEAVE entry (AS Monaco) 0:40 29 Back Screen 5 - 3 on empty side (Barcelona) 0:32 30 Back Screen 3 - 5 via fake TWIRL (Slovenia NT) 0:30 31 ZIPPER curl HOAX (Iceland) 0:27 32 Blind Pig from Horns (Ireland) 0:29 33 Blind Pig (Iceland) 0:23

The Coach


Luka Bassin #BassketSTUDIO



Luka Bassin is basketball coach from Slovenia / Europe, who worked in youth teams of Olimpija (2009&2010 Junior EuroLeague Final 8) and the most famous Slovenian High school - Gimnazija Bežigrad. Later he worked as Head coach in Slovenian Division 1 and 2. For 5 years (between 2013 - 2018) was Assistant coach of Olimpija, the most famous Slovenian team (EuroCup, FIBA CL). Also worked as an Assistant coach with Slovenia U20 (2005 - 2007) and B national team (2014 - 2016). 13 years of professional playing experience in Slovenia in Division's 1A, 1B, 2nd, 3rd and international "Korać Cup". 4th best scorer in Division 1B (1997-98). Dunking contest participant in Slovenian All-Star game (3rd in 1994-95, 4th in 1992-93). Won three Slovenian U18 championships as a player (1987-88, 1988-89, 1989-90) and one in U16 (1987-88). Yugoslavian U16 Champion in 1987-88. Graduate of University of Ljubljana, 1997, "Organization of modern European basketball clubs". Faculty of Sports, University of Ljubljana (1991-97)

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