Basketball: Physical Conditioning Using Small-Sided Games

by Adriano Vretaros
Basketball: Physical Conditioning Using Small-Sided Games


Basketball is a modality that uses different bioenergetic systems: ATP-CP, glycolysis and oxidative.
Endurance training in basketball should focus on these three bioenergetic systems in a rational manner and with a properly periodized program.
Among specific methodological resources for endurance training comes the so-called small-sided conditioning games (SSCG).

The SSCG respects the specificity of the sport when trying to reproduce simulated games in small spaces with the same characteristics of a match.
Before elaborating any SSCG prescription, knowledge of the demands of the game is necessary.
However, for an effective applicability of SSCG, it is necessary to know how to modulate some variables, namely: size of the court, number of players, during time, changes to rule and tactical system.

Therefore, this presentation discusses the aspects involved in SSCG and how to develop appropriate endurance training stimuli for basketball athletes.
Key Words: basketball, endurance training, small-sided conditioning games, strength and conditioning, sports training.


The Coach


Adriano Vretaros

Strength and Conditioning Coach


Adriano Vretaros

Strength and Conditioning Coach

São Paulo - Brazil 

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anas abouelmahassine

great informations thank u

Apr 7, 21 03:50 PM

Thien Son Nguyen

Useful infomation, thanks coach!

Apr 21, 22 04:25 AM

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