Basketball Practice Plan Template (Printable)

by Dejan Ilic
Basketball Practice Plan Template (Printable)


Basketball coaches - don't go into another season unprepared! This detailed coaching planner is designed to make your life easier. With its practice plans, schedules, and player information, this practice planner will take you to the next level.

As a basketball coach, you know better than anyone how much time and effort goes into preparing a team for competition. And now you can have one centralized place to plan your whole season and make sure all the individual pieces of it work well together! With Basketball Practice Planner (Printable Template), you'll be able to do it all from one place: keep track of your roster, plan your practices, keep track of what drills you run, and even design plays.

Be organized, be prepared, and be a successful coach with Basketball Practice Planner (Printable Template)! Stay organized and plan your victories! This basketball coaching planner template collection contains all of your important dates, roster, practice plans and drills, plays, and strategies in one place. Keep track of your important information from one month to the next with this essential tool for all basketball coaches. This easy-to-use notebook is the perfect gift for any coach, even if you decide to purchase it for yourself!

This notebook is filled with all the powerful tools you need to maximize your coaching potential. Available in two sizes - US Letter and A4. With plenty of space for game plans, drills, and notes, this is your blueprint for success. Prepare for game day with the help of this basketball coaching planner. It'll keep you organized and make you a better coach. With a wide variety of layout and design options, you can use the planner to suit your needs, from planning individual practices to a full 12-month season. You'll never forget about an important date again!

The Basketball Practice Planner (Printable Template) includes:

  • 12-Month Yearly Calendar - Mark all the important dates throughout the season.
  • Roster With Player Info - A complete list of players and their contact information.
  • Monthly Goals - Advanced planning with the global yearly calendar.
  • Monthly Schedule - Plan multiple daily practices throughout the next month.
  • Weekly Schedule - A complete weekly schedule on and off the court.
  • Weekly Attendance - Keep track of player attendance during each week.
  • Practice Plan - A powerful two-page practice plan template with diagrams, text fields, and enough space to plan even the most advanced practices.
  • Additional Notes - In case you need to add anything else.

It's not just a basketball practice plan template, it's your new lifeline for all your basketball coaching needs. With our Basketball Practice Planner (Printable Template), you'll save time, money, and energy. Keeping track of everything will be easy with this simple, yet powerful tool. Get organized and stay on top of your game all year long.


The Coach


Dejan Ilic

Basketball coach, book author, and founder of Hoop Mentality


Dejan Ilic is an experienced basketball coach, and former player with over 25 years invested in basketball. Coach Ilic has spent his long career studying with renowned basketball coaches with a wide range of backgrounds. Author of Transition Offense Against Any Defense book - a comprehensive guide for basketball coaches. Founder of Hoop Mentality.

A former basketball player himself, coach Ilic has a proven track record of player communication, productivity, and a tireless drive to succeed. This has led him to play for numerous Serbian basketball and 3×3 teams with lots of accomplishments, including winning first place at 10+ Serbian and International 3×3 tournaments, 2nd place in the Serbian national finals, and representing the Serbian national team in USA Red Bull 3×3 World Finals on two separate occasions.

Coach Ilic has many coaching accomplishments as well, including the Regional League championship in the 2021/2022 season as a head coach of BC Veba Basket from Belgrade, Serbia. With years of experience in the basketball industry, Dejan is a highly accomplished and respected coach known for his strategic mindset and ability to inspire players. His passion for the game is infectious, and he is dedicated to helping individuals unlock their full potential on and off the court, guiding them towards success.

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