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Basketball Super Summit Virtual Clinic


Basketball Super Summit features the top basketball coaches in the game today. You can see all of the speakers in their online coaching courses here


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Offensive System & Philosophy
1 Aaron Fernandez: The Best Things I’ve Learned - Small Sided Games | BLOB's/SLOB's | Coaching Theory | Q&A 2 Alex Sarama: Teaching Offensive Concepts and Innovative Drills 3 Billy Donovan: Offensive Philosophy 4 Brianna Finch: Using SSG's to Incorporate Offensive Actions / Spacing 5 Chris Dial: Offensive Build Up Exercises - Teaching players how to play, not what to play 6 Henrik Rödl: Offensive Strategy German National Team 7 Jimmy Bradshaw: NBA Offensive Trends 8 K.J. Smith: Offensive Concepts in Brazilian Basketball 9 Kyle Gilreath: Successful Tools at the HS Level + Offensive Quick Hitters 10 Mike "Coach Z" Zeillmann: Teaching Shot-Drive-Pass Decision - Making a progression of small sided games (SSGs) 11 Peter Lonergan: Decision making drills and concepts 12 PowerPoint Slides: Decision Making Drills and Concepts 13 Rick Torbett: Read and React Offense / Stages not Ages 14 Sean Sweeney: Game Situations - Breaking Down Parts of the Whole 3 on 3 15 Seth Greenberg: The Slice Offense 16 Tony Miller: Attacking Pressure / Press Offense 17 Developing an Offensive Philosophy 18 Zak Boisvert: How to Work on Offense 19 Zico Coronel: Three Phase Principle Based Offensive system
X's & O's Playbook
20 Adam Spinella: ATO Plays - Best Sets and Practices 21 Adam Spinella: PowerPoint Slides 22 Bogdan Karaicic: Basketball X's and O's Part 1 23 Bogdan Karaicic: Basketball X's and O's Part 2 - Zipper Actions 24 Brian Barone: Zone Attack Quick Hitters and Press Attack 25 Brianna Finch & Heather Macy: Baseline Out of Bounds Plays Panel 26 Dana Beszezynski, Stefan Grassegger, Kostas Kalogeropoulos, Pascal Meurs & Francesco Nanni: Favorite Plays from Around the World Panel 27 Daniel Sokolovsky: Best Sets from Euroleague / Eurocup 2019 28 Daniel Sokolovsky: Favorite Plays Part 2 29 Dave Severns, Nelson Terroba & Evan Orzolek: Game Winners/ATO Panel 30 Devan Blair: Special Situations - Importance of 2-for-1 31 Doug Brotherton: Winning Close Games / Special Situations 32 Gibson Pyper: Building A Playbook / Ideas on X's and O's 33 Jaycob Ammerman: Offensive Sets - Specials 34 Jimmy Bradshaw: Pindown / Floppy Actions 35 Liam Flynn: X's & O's Part 1 36 Liam Flynn: X's and O's Part 2 37 Lin Dunn: Special Situations 38 Lin Dunn: PowerPoint Slides 39 Luka Bassin: The Most Popular X's and O's in European Basketball 40 Matt Doherty: The B Series Offensive Set 41 Russ Bergman: Attacking Zones with Ball Screens 42 Russ Willemsen: Building Baseline Out of Bounds Sets 43 TJ Rosene: 12 Habits/Rules that Will Drastically Improve Your X's and O's 44 Zak Boisvert: Favorite X's and O's (NBA, College, International)
Motion Offensive Systems
45 Dagan Nelson: Breakdown Drills for Ball Screen Motion Offense 46 James Vear: Flow Motion Offense / Spread Motion Offense for Youth Teams & Why It's Great for Development (Part 1) 47 James Vear: Spread Motion and Flow Options (Part 2) 48 Jason Taylor: Special Actions in Dribble Drive Motion 49 John Leonzo: Dribble Drive Offense 50 Michael Lynch: Motion Strong (Half Court Offense) 51 Mike Hart: Continuity Offenses 52 Randy Sherman: Motion Offense Tips - Cutting & Screening Basics (Part 1) 53 Randy Sherman: Motion Offense Tips - Cutting & Screening Basics (Part 2) 54 Offense 55 Ronald Hughey: Dribble Drive Motion 56 Stephanie Gaitley: Screen Motion Offense & Quick Hitters
Pick & Roll
57 Brendan Ware: Reversal Options - Euro PnR 58 Deleon Hines: 2nd Side P/R sets 59 Doug Esleeck: Offensive Actions vs. Ice Defense 60 Fran Fraschilla: International Pick and Roll Concepts 61 Ganon Baker: Ball Screen Bombs - Teaching Points and Skill Sets of a Ball Screen + Things a Player and Coach Can Do Now to Improve 62 Gilbert Abraham: How To Teach The Art of PNR Scoring / Playmaking 63 Greg White: The Screening Game | Using Different Angles and Types for Success 64 Herman Mandole: Pick and Roll Offense 65 Kennedy Kereama: The Sequences of PNR Play for Screener's and Handler's 66 Kennedy Kereama: PowerPoint Slides 67 Matt McCall: Spread Pick and Roll Offense 68 Ryan Pannone: The 3-2 PNR Motion Offense 69 Safa Kamalian: Pick and Roll Offense - Design and Spacing 70 Sergio Scariolo: Spain Pick and Roll
Early Offense | Fast Offense | Transition
71 Aaron Fearne: Early Offense in Transition + Flow Offensive Actions and Counters 72 Aaron Levin: The Grinnell System - Playing and Coaching System Ball 73 Bob MacKinnon: 5 Phases of Offense - Transition & Early Offense (Part 1) 74 Bob MacKinnon: 5 Phases of Offense - Half Court Offense (Part 2) 75 Hanno Möttölä: Coaching High Tempo / Full Court Basketball 76 Jeff Rutter: Up Tempo Offensive System 77 Josh Schertz: Transition Offense & Quick Hitters 78 Mark Cascio: Clarifying Your Offensive Identity & Implementing an Up-Tempo / Drive and Space Attack (Part 1) 79 Mark Cascio: Clarifying Your Offensive Identity & Implementing an Up-Tempo / Drive and Space Attack (Part 2) 80 Matt Driscoll: Pace Space Embracing 3-Point Line 81 Mike Neighbors: Functionally Fast Offense 82 Anatomy of The Razorbacks Offense 83 Green Light Shooting Package 84 Steven Hardin: Early Offense 85 Tanner Massey: Early Offense Philosophy into 21/Pistol Action
Man-to-Man Defense
86 Adam Cohen: Man-to-Man Defense 87 Ben Howland: Transition Defense 88 Alan Major: 4 Cornerstones for Building Your Defense 89 Billly Donlon: Guarding the 3 90 Brett Reed: Pick and Roll (Ball Screen) Defense 91 Brian Adams: Pick & Roll Defense 92 Bryan Oringher: NBA Defensive Concepts 93 Bryan Oringher: PowerPoint Slides 94 James Janssen: First Year Experiences of Implementing the Tagging Up Defensive Transition System 95 James Jones: Rebounding 96 Jim Boone: Principles of the Pack Line Defense (Part 1) 97 Jim Boone: Defending Ball Screens with the Pack Line Defense (Part 2) 98 Jim Boone: Defending the Low Post with the Pack Line Defense (Part 3) 99 Joshua Pastner: Defensive Drills / General Q & A 100 Julian Betko: Guarding Off-Ball Screens (Down Screens, Cross Screens, Staggers) 101 Kennedy Kereama: Building A Defensive Minded Program and Team 102 Luke Yaklich: Building & Sustaining a Defensive Culture 103 Michael Jagacki: Individual Defense Technique 104 Nelson Terroba: NBA Defense for All Levels - 5 Defensive Questions Every Coach Should Answer 105 Nenad Trunic: Methodology of Building a Defensive System 106 Pat Baldwin: Essential Elements of Ball Screen Defense 107 Stefan Grassegger: Pick and Roll Defense - How to Build an Adaptable PnR Defensive System + New Trends (Next Defense) 108 Todd Simon: Man System Defense 109 Tony Pujol: Building A Defensive Culture
Zone & Press Defense
110 Burton Uwarow: Press / Effective Stunts 111 Eddie Andrist: Creating a Full-Court Defensive Pressure Culture 112 Greg Herenda: Pressure Defense 113 Jordan Fee: Full-Court Pressure Defense and Forcing Pace 114 Pat Chambers: 1-2-2 3/4 Court Press 115 Tobin Anderson: STAC Pressure Defense & Drills 116 Tony Bergeron: Diamond Press / Full-Court Pressure 117 Claude Pardue: Match Up Zone Defense 118 Guy Shavers: Modified Amoeba Defense 119 Matt Cline: 2-3 Zone Defense 120 Matt Cline: PowerPoint Slides 121 Zone Defense 122 Tim O'Toole: The 2-3 Zone 123 Tim Slater: Match Up Zone 124 Will Rey: Multiple Defenses Featuring the 1-3-1
Leadership | Psychology | Mindfulness
125 Alan Keane: Observations from Coaching at the European Basketball Championships 126 Alan Stein Jr: Raise Your Game - How to Effectively Lead On and Off the Court in Times of Crisis 127 Bret Burchard: 7 Mindsets of World Class Performers 128 Brian Kight: Discipline is the Shortcut - Redefine Discipline / Align Your Team / Accelerate Progress 129 Brian McCormick: Q&A with Brian McCormick 130 Dan Muller: The Mind of Our Players in Today's World 131 Fergus Connolly: Q&A with Fergus Connolly 132 Graham Betchart & Aaron Gordon: Mental Preparation 133 Heather Macy: Elite Performers Leave Nothing To Chance--Ever!! 134 Jake Rauchbach: High Performance Mindfulness - The Missing Link in Player Development (Part 1) 135 Jake Rauchbach: High Performance Mindfulness: The Missing Link in Player Development (Part 2) 136 James Kerr: High Performing Teams - Lessons from the All Blacks, Special Forces, and Others 137 Jason Fry: Leadership & Developing Your Team 138 Jason Fry: PowerPoint Slides 139 Jason Oates: Three Principles for Success ~ How an Understanding of the Inside-Out Nature of Life Will Help your Team Reach New Heights 140 Julie Fournier: What Makes Great Teams 141 Kevin Tarca: So You Want To Be A Pro? How to Help Your Players Navigate International Basketball 142 Matt Doherty: Strategies of Effective Leadership 143 Mihai Raducanu: Leadership Through Sport 144 Mike Klinzing: Running a Quality Youth Basketball Camp 145 Paul Biancardi, Robert Starkey, Greg Brown & Dave Pauley: Lessons from the Legends - Don Meyer, Pat Summit, Rick Majerus, Dale Brown, Sue Gunter 146 Phil Beckner: Separators and Disqualifiers for Coaches and Players in Becoming the Best of the Best 147 Robert Starkey: Things I Have Learned Along The Journey 148 Russ Bergman: The Psychology of Coaching 149 Sam Allen: Competing vs. Playing Hard 150 Santiago Belza: Desconstructing the Underdog - Argentina in the World Cup 151 Tim Kight: The Edge - How to Compete Beyond Your Talent 152 Trevor Moawad: It Takes What it Takes 153 Tyler Gatlin: G-League Basketball Q&A
Game Prep | Analytics | Practice Planning
154 Alaura Sharp: Developing a Competitive Staff and Practices 155 Aseem Rastogi: Competitive Practices & Owning Program Growth (Part 1) 156 Aseem Rastogi: Competitive Practices & Owning Program Growth (Part 2) 157 Brandon Rosenthal: Implementing a System 158 Colton Houston: Effectively Incorporating Analytics Into Your Program 159 Eric Gabriel: Practice Planning and Program Ownership 160 Francesco Nanni: Game Preparation - Scouting and How To Transfer To Your Team 161 Heather Macy: Quick Change - Maximizing Practice Time and Fundamentals 162 Jamie Angeli: Creating the Ultimate Practice with Assembly Line Skill Builders 163 Joe Stasyszyn: Team Player Development Model - Competitive Edge & Best Practices of Coaching at All Levels 164 Kyle Rechlicz: Competitive Practice Drills 165 Logan Dahms: Analytics for Dummies - What We Know and What To Do With It 166 Mark Slessinger: Practice Planning and Efficiencies 167 Ozan Havuzlu: European Club Developmental System 168 Pascal Meurs: Tips & Tricks to Turn Your Practice Environment Into a Hotbed for Smarter Players 169 Pat Kelsey: Measuring Your Team's Success in the Analytics Age 170 Ryan Krueger: Practice Planning
Coaching Development
171 Adam Gordon: Promoting Yourself Without Self-promoting | Building Genuine Relationships in the Coaching Industry 172 Alan Keane: Traditional Coaching Ideas & What Players Look for in a Coach 173 Andy Farrell, Adam Gordon, Jimmie Oakman & Brandon Rosenthal: Getting Into the Business and Experiences Within 174 Bob Walsh: Coaching A Confident Team 175 Brendan Suhr: Defining Coaching & Mastering High Impact Coaching 176 Brian D. Stanchak: Networking - It's Not Who You Know, It's Who Knows You / Q&A 177 Chris Lepore: Climbing the Ladder - How to Create Value for Yourself 178 Chris Oliver: The Three Phases of Coaching - Teaching, Connecting, and Transfer 179 David Bentley: Networking / Be Who You Is 180 Harri Mannonen: Complex Basketball Coaching - How Complex Systems Thinking Changes Practical Coaching 181 Jack Fleming: Being A Young Coach - 20 Lessons from a 20 Something in 2020 182 Jay Hernandez: NBA Assistant Offensive Responsibilities - Scouting Reports / Video / ATO’s / Individual Players 183 Jon Oliver: From Coach to CEO - Thoughts on Preparing for the Interview Process 184 Kevin Eastman: Quick Hit Coaching Thoughts to Stimulate Your Thinking 185 Kevin Sutton: How to Successfully Navigate Your Coaching Career 186 Khadija J Head: Leveraging the Power of Quarterly Career Goals 187 Lin Dunn: Keys for the Head Coach 188 Lin Dunn: PowerPoint Slides 189 Mike MacKay: How to Coach 190 Morris Michalski: Soul Food for the Starved Coach - Feeding Coaches So They Can Feed Others 191 Morris Michalski: Chicken Soup for the Coach 192 Pat Skerry: Roles and Responsibilities of a D1 Head Coach 193 Paul Biancardi: Coaching Today's Player / The Evaluation Game 194 R-Jay Barsh: State of Basketball & Lessons from the Journey 195 Randy Brown: 10 Anchors for Coaching Clarity, Effectiveness, and Success 196 Sarah Jenkins: Coaching the Millennial Generation 197 Seth Greenberg: Coaching Todays Athlete 198 Shelley Till: 2 Much Grit 2 Quit - Coaching to Strengthen Resilience & Weaken the Transfer Epidemic
Building a Program | Culture
199 Alex Richey: Building a Program Through Lasting Relationships 200 Allen Whitehart: Rebuilding A Program / Best Things I Have Seen 201 Bart Lundy: Culture 202 Bryan Bender: Culture and Recruiting 203 Dan Hughes: Culture | Transition D | Q&A 204 Debbie Antonelli: 4 B's of Communication Media Training / Team Building 205 Donnie Jones: How to Build Your Program First Year 206 Fran Harris: How To Create A Championship Culture 207 Hernando Planells: Leading With Soul - Building A Culture That Grows When Your Not Around 208 J.P. Nerbun: Creating a Culture of Accountability without Begging, Complaining, or Yelling 209 Jim Les: Building Your Culture and Building an X/O System 210 Jim Psaras: Coaching Principles - Developing a Successful Program / Building Culture and Strategies to Succeed 211 Joe Haigh: Compete for Championships "Outside the Box" | Using a "System" and "Moneyball" Based Approach to Building a Program 212 Kevin Hopkins: The 4 Pillars of Performance - A Psychological Approach to Developing Your Program Philosophy 213 Kyle "Coach Kav" Kavanaugh: Program Building | Player-led Culture 214 Larry McKenzie: Building A Championship Program 215 Mike Taylor: Building A National Team 216 Tobin Anderson: Program Builders 217 Tommy Brown: Build a Warrior Culture 218 Building A Program 219 Yolett McPhee-McCuin: Keys to Building a Program from the Ground Up
Player Development
220 April Schilling: Player Evaluating System & Skill Development Drills 221 Aurimas "Coach Ollie" Verbukas: Training 13-16 Year Old Players 222 Brian McCormick: Strength and Conditioning 223 Carmen Maciariello: Individual Improvement / Footwork 224 Chris Johnson: Position-less Basketball | Playing in Open Space | Playing Through Contact 225 Chris Kreider: Player/Coach Development 226 Chris Kreider: PowerPoint Slides 227 Christian Crudeli: Technical & Tactical Drills - Development Fundamentals 228 Cody Toppert: Player Development / Progressive Offense (Part 1) 229 Cody Toppert: Player Development (Part 2) 230 Damin Altizer: Player Development - Translating Training to Game Success 231 Dave Severns: Player Development 232 Dave Severns: PowerPoint Slides 233 David Thorpe: We are First in the Business to Inspire 234 Doug Esleeck: Using Film for Individual Skill Development 235 Doug Novak: Skill Development 236 Doug Novak: PowerPoint Slides 237 Drew Hanlen: Game Skills | Game Results | Purposeful Training that Leads to Game Results 238 Ed Schilling: Player Development 239 Frank Martin: Drills and Coaching Philosophies to Developing Toughness in Your Players to Win on the Court and in Life 240 Herb Welling: Revisiting the Lost Art of Passing 241 Jacob Hiller: How to Train your Players To Jump Higher - From Home 242 Jefferson Mason: How to Maximize your Players Skills While Training 243 Joe Abunassar: Developing Offensive Skills 244 Joe Riley: Player Development in Spain Ages 10-16 245 Joey Burton: Individual Player Development 246 John Pigatti: Toughness Drills - Drills to Make Your Team Tougher Mentally and Physically 247 Jon Giesbrecht: Utilizing Video in Player/Team Development 248 Kevin Boyle: Big Man Skill Development Drills 249 Kevin Sutton, Chris Dial & Steven Hardin: My Favorite Drills 250 Practice Drills ~ Kevin Sutton, Chris Dial & Steven Hardin: My Favorite Drills 251 Mike MacKay: Developing Your Players 252 Mike MacKay: PowerPoint Slides 253 Mike Kalavros: Player Development - European Basketball Culture 254 Mike Kalavros: Teaching 1-1 Footwork 255 MIke Shaughnessy: Breaking Down Player Development 256 Ryan Goodson: Basketball Master Class - How to Teach Offensive Moves with Progression and Success 257 Sean Light: Strength and Conditioning for Basketball 258 TJ Jones: Plan, Prepare, and Execute Your Skill Development 259 Tony Hobbs: Basketball Development 260 Will Rey: Competition-Based Skill Development
Shooting Development
261 Basi Prokofyev: Increasing Shooting Efficiency 262 Brandon Payne: Player Development Philosophy Curriculum - Shooting 263 Chris Johnson: Advanced Paint Finishes, Footwork, and Building Personal Relationships 264 Dave Love: How I layer drills to Improve Shooters 265 Dave Love: Shooting Nonnegotiable's - The Habits Every Shooter Needs to Have 266 Doc Scheppler: Successful Shooting - Essential Aspects and Corrective Measures for All Ages 267 Hal Wissel: Make Your Shot Automatic 268 Jay Hernandez: Player Development - Individual Competitive Shooting / Team Based Drills 269 Lainn Wilson: Developing Non-shooting Big Men 270 Matt Williamson: Using Science and A.R.T. to Develop Efficient and Effective Shooting Techniques 271 Nick Hauselman: The Secret to Shooting the Basketball - RHYTHM 272 Steve Dagostino: Simple and Effective Approach to Shooting Development

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