Baylor Advanced Guard Workout

8 Drills to Develop Great Guard Play

This is the companion piece to the Guard Development Workout and provides the next level in guard development. Baylor University has produced some of the best guards in the country over the past 5 seasons since Scott Drew and his staff resurrected the program and this Course details the Advanced 45 minute workout that is used in conjunction with the basic Guard Development Workout.

Filmed at Baylor and conducted with assistant coach Mark Morefield leading the workout, this 8 drill program utilizes drills and actions that maximize offensive sets. Once again beginning with a specific warm-up shooting routine, the workout covers using ball screens and down screens, transition scoring skills and rim attacks. The drills included are Ball Screen Actions, Single/Double Shots, Single/Double Circuit, Change Of Direction Series, Slide Fill & Drift Actions, Transition 3’s, Inside Outside Actions, and 5 Spot Finishes.

1 Intro
2 Warm Up Shooting
Ball Screen Actions
3 Ball Screen Actions
4 Turn the Corner Series
5 Side Dribble
6 Screen Rejection
7 Step Up Series
Single/Double Shots
8 Single/Double Shots
9 Single/Double Shots Drill
Single/Double Circuit
10 Single/Double Circuit
11 Single/Double Circuit Drill
Change of Direction Series
12 Change of Direction Series
13 Change of Direction Series Drill
Slide, Fill, and Drift Actions
14 Slide, Fill, and Drift Actions
15 Slide, Fill, and Drift Drill
Transition 3s
16 Transition 3s
17 Transition 3s Drill
Inside Out Actions
18 Inside Out Actions
19 Inside Out Drills
5 Spot Finishes
20 5 Spot Finishes
21 5 Spot Finishes Drill

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Coach Mark Morefield

Under Coach Drew Baylor has had six NBA Draft picks since 2012, which ranks 11th nationally behind only Kentucky (26), Duke (18), Kansas (12), UCLA (12), Syracuse (11), North Carolina (10), Arizona (nine), Louisville (eight), Michigan (eight) and Michigan State (eight). BU has also accounted for six of the 18 NBA Draft picks from Texas colleges in the last seven seasons – the only other Texas programs with multiple draftees in that span are SMU (three), Texas (three) and Texas A&M (2).
Taurean Prince became the third-highest draft pick in program history when he was selected 12th overall by the Atlanta Hawks, through a trade with the Utah Jazz in the 2016 NBA Draft. Prince came to Baylor as an unranked recruit in the 2012 class, and he developed into the second lottery pick in program history. After averaging just 6.4 minutes per game as a freshman, Prince blossomed into a two-time All-Big 12 selection, played in three consecutive NCAA Tournaments and graduated in four years.
A program-record three players were selected in the 2012 NBA Draft, as Perry Jones III, Quincy Acy, and Quincy Miller were all chosen. Pierre Jackson was selected by the Philadelphia 76ers in 2013, and Cory Jefferson was picked by the Brooklyn Nets in 2014, giving the Bears five draftees over a three-year span.

Drew has built Baylor into one of nine programs to be nationally ranked in each of the last 11 seasons and one of 16 programs to advance to postseason play in every season since 2012. From 2008-18, Baylor has been one of the nation’s most consistent programs with Drew leading the team to nine 20-win seasons, 10 postseason appearances, the Big 12’s first NIT championship, Baylor’s first postseason tournament title in its 110-year history, and a school-record 20 postseason wins.


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