Bill Thom: Complete Youth Basketball Program

by Bill Thom
Bill Thom: Complete Youth Basketball Program


Learn how to coach your team so that they will be prepared to face any situation on the court! In his Complete Youth Basketball Program, Coach Bill Thom uses his many years of experience coaching all age groups of youth basketball players to present you with a detailed collection of drills that are active, fun, and applicable to in-game situations. Featuring 46 instructional training videos, this course is a comprehensive guide to every aspect of coaching youth basketball.


Basketball Dribbling
1 Warm-up Dribbling Drill 2 Triple Threat to Ball Handling, Part 1 3 Triple Threat to Ball Handling, Part 2 4 Ball Handling 5 Dribbling and Pivoting 6 Protecting the Ball Drill 7 Keep Away Drill
Basketball Dribbling: Beyond Basics
8 Two-Ball Dribbling Drills 9 Five Dribbling Maneuvers 10 Crossover Dribbling
Basketball Passing
11 Chest Pass Drill 12 Bounce Pass 13 Bounce and Chest Pass Drill 14 Passing on the Move 15 Overhead Pass
Basketball Passing: Beyond Basics
16 Bounce and Chest Passes on the Move 17 Passing Lane Drill 18 Two-Ball Passing Lane Drill
Basketball Rebounding
19 Boxing Out 20 Rebound and Outlet Pass 21 Rebounding Drill 22 Foul Shot Rebounding
Basketball Shooting
23 Triple Threat to Shot 24 Breaking Down the Shot 25 Release and Follow-Through 26 The Non-Shooting Hand 27 Dribble to Layup Transition 28 Right-Handed Layup 29 Left-Handed Layup 30 Two-Ball Layup Drill
Basketball Shooting: Beyond Basics
31 Catch and Shoot 32 Mikan Layup Drill 33 Low Post Shots
Basketball Defense
34 Defensive Stance 35 Defensive Slide 36 One-Pass Away Defense 37 Defending the Ball Handler 38 Defending the Post 39 Defending the Cutter
Basketball Rules
40 Baseline Introduction 41 Midcourt Line and Sidelines 42 Breaking Down the Halfcourt 43 The Foul Lane
Coaching Tips
44 Player Talk 45 Practice Philosophy 46 Parent Talk

The Coach


Bill Thom

Head Basketball Coach at Croton-Harmon HS, NY


Over the last 24 seasons, Bill Thom has been a basketball coach at Croton-Harmon High School in Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y. He has won over 300 games as head coach of the boys' varsity squad.

Thom is a veteran coach of Empire State Games and AAU teams, and has instructed players on many levels. In July of 2010, Thom's Hudson Valley men's basketball team won the Empire State Games. His squad erased a 13-point halftime deficit in the championship game to take the gold medal. His focus is on coaching fundamentals.

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