Crush it Coach
by Tom Kelsey

How to crush it in the coaching profession. Why learning to maximize your talent and gifts, you can make a significant impact in the profession. 

We get into coaching for a variety of reasons; the love of the game, we played and needed something to help our itch once after the glory days were over,  or we wanted to be a coach since a young age.

This course involves interviews with some of the top experts in the coaching profession. There are areas we all need to improve as a coach, and there are areas we do extremely well. How do you take this awareness and improve to be an elite coach?

The original definition of a coach comes from the 1500's in England. It was referring to a carriage. It said, "taking someone of importance from where they are now to where they want to be, need to be or ought to be going."

As coaches, we try to do that with our players. With our course, we are treating you as someone of importance. We want to take your coaching career where you want it to be,  where it needs to be, or where it ought to be going.


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