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Tom Kelsey

Helping players, teams and coaches improve how they play and how they teach


Kelsey's 30-year coaching career has spanned coaching beginners to professionals. Kelsey's coaching experience includes the NBA, Women's Professional Basketball, High Major College Basketball, Small College Basketball. High School, Middle School, and Elementary School. Kelsey knows how to communicate his message, has the ability to ensure his teaching is understood, and to measure improvement.

Kelsey has traveled across the United States and the World teaching and coaching the game of basketball. Learning from legendary coaches Don Meyer (college coach) and Rick Torbett of Better Basketball (high school coach) gave Kelsey a solid base in teaching the game. At 26 Kelsey was the youngest Athletic Director and Head Basketball Coaches in the country. Before the age of 30, Kelsey's team at Faulkner University made college basketball history by going from 4 wins to 23 wins the following season. At Belhaven, Univesity took his teams to two national tournaments in three seasons after the school had not been to the tournament in 37 years.

As an assistant coach at Alabama and LSU, he was part of recruiting and signing three #1 players in the country (Schea Cotton, Gerald Wallace, and Ben Simmons). While at both schools they were able to sign top 5 recruiting classes. Also, Kelsey was named one of the top 20 recruiting coaches by HoopScoop Magazine.

At Murray State, Kelsey helped recruit the #11 Ranked recruiting class, set a conference record for wins and team received the highest seed in the NCAA National Tournament.

Kelsey has worked, organized, and directed basketball camps in Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Poland, Greece, Belgium, Singapore, and China.