Culture Starter Pack

by Matt Hackenberg
Culture Starter Pack


This is a collection of 7 simple documents we use in our program that we believe relate to how our culture is established. It does not include video, only written documents. You will receive:

Exit Interview Templates - 3 different templates. One to use with your players, one to use with your assistant coaches, and one to use with your middle school coaches. These templates help you get on the same page with your players and coaches heading into the offseason.

Team Rules - This document establishes the standards, boundaries and consequences for the program. This document includes a behavior scale, as well as the policy for our locker room, which we took great pride in as a group.

Pillars & Goals - Our pillars were the three most important overarching concepts of our program. Our goals were the statistics we chose to evaluate our performances. We wanted our goals to connect with our pillars as much as possible.

Standards - This document outlines our tell-tale habits we implemented in our program that tell us whether a player was either was a willing participant in our culture, or they were not. 

Team Building - This is a an outline we use to pick team building activities. We did too much of this at one point in my coaching career and it felt forced, so I've tried to do team building stuff when it felt like it was needed, as opposed to on a schedule.

Team Captains - This document outlines the responsibilities of team captains. We shared this with the team leading up to voting on our team captains for the season. 

102 Culture - 102 ideas to help grow your program's culture


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Jared Boone

Great information very helpful

Mar 28, 23 08:08 AM

Tia Hemiller

When I open up slides 6 & 7, it says document cannot be found.

Jul 17, 23 06:09 PM

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