Fast Break Fundamentals

Successful fast breaks are all about the number of baskets you make, not the number of transitions you have. Learn how to get your players to make the correct reads in fast break situations and then score. Ways to help create more fast breaks and convert more breaks into baskets. Drills for quick success, skill development, conditioning, teamwork, defending the break, how to score in 1-on-1, 2-on1, 3-on-2 and other fast break situations. Dozens of drills, facts, and tips for teaching fundamentals and improving your team's p.p.g. scoring output.

TheBasketballDoctor John Scott Founder of The Basketball Doctor

The Basketball Doctor, Coach John Scott, has been a High School, College and professional basketball player as well as a High School, College and Professional Basketball Coach. With the Basketball Doctor, learn what it takes to be an All Star Player

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