How to Guard The 3 Point Shot

by Billy Donlon
How to Guard The 3 Point Shot


The 3 point shot has revolutionized the game of basketball. 


Excluding the last ten to fifteen years, the national basketball association, collegiate basketball and overseas was dominated by the interior game and mid range jump shots. Tall players controlled the sport by standing close to the basket and shooting or dunking over the little guys. The 3-point line was introduced in 1979 as part of an effort to level the playing field between players of different heights, as short players were getting left behind.


Fast forward to the twenty first century and the NBA and basketball as a whole has become a shooters league.  With a majority of teams shooting above 50% from beyond the arc, it's clear to see that defending the 3 point shot is well on the minds of coaches. Not only are point guards and shooting guards improving their ability to shoot from range but power forwards and even centers have stepped up to the line. If a high percentage of shots are being made from deep, that raises a question of “ how do you guard the 3 point shot?”. 


With players developing the skill set to shoot effortlessly from 3, coaches have shifted their focus into guarding, stopping and forcing a bad 3 point shot; But how? 


Kansas City Coach Billy Donlon has developed a master course that practices to maintain shooters at bay, by incorporating certain drills he's been able to force opposing teams to shoot contested shots, forced shots and even block shots.


In this course Coach Billy Donlon discusses what it takes to stop the 3 point shot as well as the practices he implements into his team. He breaks down how to defend off the ball screen, defensive transitions, knowing the high percentage 3 point shots and how to stop them. Plus much more.

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