Next Pick and Roll Defense

by Gonzalo Rodriguez
Next Pick and Roll Defense


The "Next" defense is the integration of several individual techniques into a team defensive philosophy, giving the players the chance to make defensive decisions in order to make the defense more aggressive and smart.

As Coaches, we must look for a way to achieve the team´s defensive goals using both team rules and individual readings. 

We encourage the players to read the game when we are in the offensive end, despite of the way we want to play (set plays, series, read and react and so on) coaches tell the players to make decisions based upon their readings. Plays create spacing and put players in the best positions, but players read and make the moves.

But few times we encourage our players to read and make decisiones in defense. We create a strategy for P&R defense, off screens defense, and even 1on1 and heps defense. We make rules.  This rules rely on our way to understand the defensive preferences for us in order to win: do we allow spot ups? do we close the paint as main concept? do we press pass lines and disrupt the offensive balance? Do we play packline and keep good and balanced positions no matter what?...

This defense, along with the "Hot" option (a more aggressive and difficult to attack version) gives players the freedom to read and react, making defensive decisions based on the opponent´s spacing, the way the ball is being driven, the players with the ball and close to the ball, the motion of the offense,... It provides the team with a sense of awareness and readiness, improving the concentration and focus of the players.

Each coach can look for ways to organize the use of the concepts explained in this Course.

I explain the concepts and the individual basics, as well as some ways the Next and Hot defense can be used, but the greatness of this defensive ideas is that they can be used in many other ways, and they can be used in all basketball levels.

This Course will be helpful to Coaches teaching the basics of the man to man defense and also the basics of zone defense. It will be helpful to Coaches that are looking for a way to create more aggressive teams, smart teams that want to anticipate and disrupt all kinds of offenses. And also, this Course can be a great help for Coaches who want to develop smart players, able to make defensive reads and using basic defensive techniques that are going to be great addition in their careers.


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Assistant Coach ACB league (Spain) for the last 12 seasons.

Ratings and Reviews (3)

Oleksandr Sabutskyi

Thanks for knowledges and fresh ideas!I like aggressive team defense!

Oct 9, 21 09:27 PM

Charles Klask

Absolutely phenomenal from the details of the concepts to the teaching with video... Truly a staple for all coaches at any level... Thank you so much Coach Rodriguez...

Jun 15, 22 12:40 PM

Jeffrey Bogaerts

Great course. Really helpfull! Must buy if you want to learn a great way to defend the PNR

Nov 15, 23 08:38 AM

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