Off Season Player Development

by Yolett McPhee-McCuinn
Off Season Player Development


How do players come into the season improved and have a ground breaking year? Even become the most improved player of the year? 


The Off season is one of the most important and vital aspects to a players development, team contribution and overall performance. 


During the off-season, you have the chance to focus on improving your movement, building muscle strength, and improving your power and mobility skills. These improvements make you a more complete athlete. As competition season returns, it is the off season preparation that will prepare players to perform at the highest level. 


Players from all levels, from high school to collegiate to professional take the time during the off season to work on their draft. Off Seasons are when basketball players refine their skills. A player who focuses on improving his jump shot, ball handling skills, rebounding and other aspects will be able to dominate on the court during the season.


Maintaining athletic stamina and muscle memory is important because we all know it's easier to stay in shape then it is to get into shape. In summary, after having completed a season of training, off-season training is important regardless of the sport, because it provides players with the time to develop, improve, rest and enhance their skill sets.


Developing your players is one of the most important things for long term success of your basketball program, no matter what level you're coaching at. It is also one of the biggest factors that determines whether players will have a chance to get to the next level - whether it's from high school to college, or from college to professional basketball, players need to develop their individual skills in order to get there. 

In this course, Coach McPhee-McCuin talks about the strategy she uses when it comes to player development, how she manages time during limited workout hours, analytics that goes behind player development, and shares the drills she uses with her team in the offseason.


The Coach

Yolett McPhee-McCuin | Head Coach | Ole Miss Woman's

With last season being her third year as the head coach for Ole Miss, she has revitalized the energy within the WBB program over her time here so far. Every year that Coach McPhee-McCuin has been on staff the team has outplayed all expectations for that year. After being projected to come in last in the SEC in 2018 they improved their conference win total by 2 games compared to the year before. Previously to Ole Miss she was helped rejuvenate a Jacksonville program and turn them into a powerhouse, going 94-63 during her 5 years there. Previously to that, she had many stops as an assistant at Portland, Clemson, and Pitt just to name a few. Her ability to turn a program around and bring the program up from the bottom makes her an extremely valuable asset to the Ole Miss WBB program.

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