Pack Line Defense Certification Course

by Jim Boone
Pack Line Defense Certification Course


The Pack Line DEFENSE

  1. Philosophy & Development of the Pack Line Defense
  2. Defeating Ball Screens with the Pack Line Defense
  3. Defending the Low Post with the Pack Line Defense

Get your Certification for Jim Boone's Pack Line Defense with the absolute most comprehensive teaching and Pack Line Defensive development program on the market today.  This Course will provide you with greater depth into the Pack Line Defense and how to implement the system, more so than any Clinic or teaching Video currently available.  Learn with Coach as he dives deep into Creating a Defensive Culture with the Pack Line Defense, including philsophy of teaching and developing the Pack Line, while taking you through key defensive development drills in a virtual classroom and multiple all-access practice settings.

Coach Boone provides you with the teaching tools and Development Drills to maximize ball pressure while sealing gaps and Protecting the Lane. Boone also gives examples of his “jump up, jump back” and “leverage seeking” close out drills which are highly effective in both contesting perimeter three point shots and preventing penetration. His 4-on-4 Conversion Drills teach all elements of the Pack Line Defense and Emphasizes Player Communication. Boone walks you through the complete system from A-Z; including Ball Screen Defense and Defending the Low Post with the Post Trap, through extensive video review of teaching drills and game footage, along with Q & A opportunities, and much, much more.

The Pack Line Defense has proven to be effective at all levels from elementary teams to the NBA, and it will provide you and your Team with an effective defensive approach that allows it to compete successfully with the best teams on your schedule, in your conference or region. And, regardless of your Defensive Philosophy or System, The Pack Line Certification Course, will offer you and your system of play something of benefit. Make this investment and begin the process of developing your players into "Tough, Fundamentally Sound Defenders" by learning with one of the best teachers in the nation, and install this Defense into your system and culture today. 

Course Includes:

  • Over Three Hours of Clinic Lessons, Developing The Pack Line Defenese
  • 96 Videos and over 8 Hours of All-Access Practice Video and Game Footage
  • Thoughts and Methodology on Creating a Championship Defensive Culture
  • Defeating Ball Screens and Breakdown Drills
  • Defending the Low Post and Post Trapping
  • 36 Different Drills utilized in Teaching Pack Line Defense
  • 2018 Free Fall Clinic Practice Plans
  • Beginning of Season Practice Plans
  • Post Season Practice Plans
  • Pack Line Trouble Shooting Guide
  • 1/1 Virtual Meeting Opportunities with Coach Boone
  • Direct Access with Jim Boone for Q & A
  • UAFS Defensive Handouts



- Quick-Hitters
1 Less is More 1:45 2 Consistency 1:35 3 It's Not What You Teach... 1:15
- The Building Blocks of Pack Line Defense
4 Your Program Anchors 1:40 5 The DNA of Championships 1:53 6 Will Your Defense Allow Your Team To... 5:28 7 Non-Negotiables: Know Your No's 6:54 8 Quiz I
- Three Secrets in Teaching & Developing the Pack Line Defense
9 Context to Teaching & Developing the Pack Line 0:17
- Secret #1: Pressure on the Ball
10 Pressure on the Ball 6:26 11 Zig-Zag Drill 3:19 12 Partner Closeouts Power Point 2:17 13 Partner Closeouts 2:37 14 1/1 Full Court Lane Slide 3:27 15 1/1 Closeouts 1:41
- Secret #2: Your Position is Your Help
16 Your Position is Your Help 3:21 17 2/2 Positioning Drill 1:09 18 2/2 Vision Drill 5:01 19 2/2 Full Court Seal the Gap 2:12 20 2/2 Full Court Seal the Gap 4:51 21 2/1 Closeout 4:50 22 3/3 Closeout 1:30 23 3/3 Closeouts 3:58
- Secret #3: Influence Type of Shot
24 Influence the Type of Shot 0:56 25 Conversion Defense 3:27 26 4/4 Stationary Change Drill 1:41 27 4/4 Stationary Change 2:15 28 4/4 Change Drill 7:55 29 3/3 Get Back Drill 8:14 30 5/4 Conversion Defense Drill 1:39
- Pack Line Defense Trouble Shooting
31 Things That Will Kill Your Defense 2:17
- Quick-Hitters
32 Books & Inspiration 4:05
- Creating a Defensive Culture
33 Pack Line Defensive Culture 2:12 34 Your Culture 1:35 35 The Lion Way 2:24 36 Defeating Ball Screens 4:14
- Side Ball Screen
37 Side Ball Screens 4:58 38 Hard Show 1:28 39 2/2 Side Ball Screen Sprint 1:17 40 2/2 Side Ball Screen Follow 0:59 41 3/3 Side Ball Screen Corner Filled 1:47 42 4/4 Side Ball Screen Motion 2:00 43 5/5 Follow Side Ball Screen to BS Motion 0:40
- Middle Ball Screen
44 Middle Ball Screen 4:57 45 "Level Show" 1:27 46 2/2 Middle Ball Screen Direct Line 1:07 47 2/2 Middle Ball Screen Seek Leverage 0:14 48 3/3 Middle Ball Screen Roll 0:56 49 3/3 Middle Ball Screen Pick and Pop 1:40 50 4/4 Middle Ball Screen Slot 0:49 51 5/5 Middle to Side Ball Screen Empty Corner & Corner Empty 0:52
- Practice Drills and Ball Screen Actions
52 3/3 Middle Ball Screen with Level Show 0:42 53 4/4 Middle Ball Screen with Red Situation 0:30 54 4/4 Side Ball Side Ball Screen 0:16 55 4/4 Side Ball Screen with Fly Switch 0:16 56 4/4 Middle Ball Screen with NY Action 1:04 57 Quiz II
- From the Greats
58 Coach Bob Knight 2:49 59 Coach Don Meyer 0:47 60 Three Areas of Coach Control 1:34
- Defending the Low Post
61 Low Post Approach 3:12 62 Key Teaching Point #1 1:43 63 Defending the Low Post 6:18 64 Key Teaching Point #2 0:36 65 3/2 Perimeter to Post Help 0:43 66 Key Teaching Point #3 2:28 67 3/3 Perimeter with 1/1 Inside 4:00
- Post Trap: BIG to BIG (Red)
68 Post Trap Keys & Teaching Points 2:18
- Perimeter RED Keys
69 Feeder Defender 0:44 70 Closest Perimeter to Baseline 0:59 71 Top Defender 0:44
- Perimeter Rotations: Base Rules
72 Pass to the Top 1:59 73 Skip to Wing 1:06 74 Dribble Out 0:47 75 Film: Example of a Post Trap Situation 2:36
- Post Trap Development Drills
76 Red on the Post 1:07 77 3/3 Perimeter with 2 Release 1:17 78 2/2 Inside with 3 Release 1:08 79 5/5 Red on the Low Post 0:24 80 5/5 Multiple Actions 1:00 81 5/5 Red the Post "Switch 4" 2:41 82 Special Situations 1:09
- Running the Post Trap
83 Game Film Analysis #1 2:03 84 Game Film Analysis #2 1:07 85 Game Film Analysis #3 1:43 86 Quiz III
Bonus Footage
87 5/4 Defense Drill 1:40 88 3/3 Screen the Screener Drill 4:30 89 Perfect Defense Drill 3:47 90 Offense to Defense Situations 3:37 91 Delta State Ball Screen and Post Trap Video Clips 7:14 92 Building Blocks of the Pack Line Defense: Q&A 3:07 93 Defeating Ball Screens: Q&A 7:18 94 Defending the Low Post: Q&A 12:40 95 Thank You 0:51
Full Game Video Review
96 Gulf South Conference Tournament Quarter Final First Half 26:16 97 Gulf South Conference Tournament Quarter Final Second Half 34:54 98 Gulf South Conference Tournament Semi-Final 1:55:44 99 Gulf South Conference Tournament Championship 1:50:11
2018-19 Practice Plans
100 2018 Clinic Practice I 101 2018 Clinic Practice II 102 2018 October 15 Practice 103 2018 October 16 Practice 104 2018 October 17 Practice 105 2018-19 Post Season Practice, March 2 106 2018-19 Post Season Practice, March 2b 107 2018-19 Post Season Practice, March 3 108 2018-19 Post Season Practice, March 4 109 2018-19 Post Season Practice, March 7
UAFS Handouts
110 UAFS Game Sheet 111 Building a Championship Culture 112 UAFS Pack Line Defense

The Coach


Jim Boone

Proven winner with over 600 career victories, 2 Final Fours, 6 Sweet 16's, an unprecedented 4 different schools to the NCAA Tournament. DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!


What They’re Saying About Coach Boone:

“Jim Boone is an outstanding person and coach. The University of Arkansas Fort Smith is very fortunate to have Coach Boone run their program. With over 500 wins, Jim is someone of courage, ability and a tremendous leader.”

– Mike Krzyzewski, HOF Head Coach Duke University

“Jim Boone is great, a great coach….he is as good a tactician as there is in the country….class guys play for Jim Boone.”
– Dan Dakich, ESPN College Basketball Analyst

“Coach Boone has established himself in the coaching community as one of the nation’s premier teachers. I have tremendous respect for Coach Boone. He is an outstanding basketball coach, and his basketball programs are synonymous with excellence.”
– Herb Sendek, Head Coach Santa Clara University

“Basketball, as it is taught by Coach Boone, is a formula for success. Jim Boone does not just teach basketball, he teaches life lessons. He has developed a philosophy that exceeds the boundaries of offense and defense. Jim’s programs have been yearly one of the nation’s most successful on any level, and the primary reason, is because he brings an overriding purpose to everything he does. ‘Commitment to Excellence,’ is the credo that Jim has used to oversee the values and principles that govern his teams.”
– Dale Brown, HOF Coach and retired Head Coach Louisiana State University

“Coach Boone’s knowledge of Motion Offense and his Pack Line Defense, coupled with his ability to teach it effectively is unparalleled. His teams are always fundamentally sound, extremely well coached and very, very good offensively and defensively.”
– Don Meyer, HOF Coach and retired Head Coach Northern State University

“No one, and I mean no one else does a better job of preparation, putting together a game plan, and then executing it than Coach Boone does with his teams. They were always the most prepared team we faced.”
– Tim Buckley, Former Head Coach Ball State University

Ratings and Reviews (17)

Dave Pilipovich

This is a must for any basketball coach looking to improve their defensive play! Coach Boone has done an amazing job of providing a very thorough instruction in teaching Pack Line Defense. This is the most comprehensive teaching course and is put together so well to follow and implement. The access he has given into his programs is awesome!

Jul 28, 20 08:52 PM

Allen Osborne

Coach Boone has done an outstanding job on showing coaches how to teach Pack Line Defense. He covers every aspect of the defense and his attention to detail , along with his teaching points make it easy for any coach at any level to understand how and why the defense is to be played. I highly recommend this for all coaches.

Jul 30, 20 07:34 PM

Donnie Campbell

This course on the Pack Line Defense taught by Jim Boone is fantastic! There is not a better instructional course on Pack Line Defense than this one. This course gives you everything you will need to teach the Pack Line defense to your team. Coach Boone has laid out for you the sequence of drills to use to teach the defense. During live practice sessions, his players demonstrate all the drills while coach Boone is explaining and correcting what they are emphasizing with each drill. As he conveys in the course, “It is not what you teach but what you emphasize that matters.” This course reminds me so much of the instructional tapes the late Don Meyer authored. This course will give you the tools to effectively teach and master the Pack line defense with your team.

Jul 31, 20 06:29 PM

Robert Szorc

This is the most comprehensive guide to the Pack Line Defense on the market! There are all access and teaching videos out there, but none are as extensive and detailed as this course. This is the A-Z guide to not only implementing the Pack Line Defense but also learning the art of coaching it from a master teacher!!

Aug 14, 20 05:53 PM

Bob Starkey

Much think to Coach Boone for opening up his program to give us a detailed look at how he teaches defensively. It's hard to imagine a more thorough look into the Pack Line system. So appreciative of the game and practice footage along with Coach Boone sharing his thoughts on philosophy and his drills used to implement the system. Even if you don't play Pack there is something here to improve your team defensively!

Aug 17, 20 08:34 PM

Josh Pence

This is truly a comprehensive course breakdown of the Packline. I love the passion Coach brings to his team in the drills as well as the accountability.

Sep 30, 20 06:25 PM

Seth James

Coach Boone does a great job teaching the Pack Line Defense from the ground up. We benefit greatly from his knowledge and experience. He combines philosophy, X/O's, drills, film, practice plans, and game plans to give one a true picture of how this defense is truly a cultural commitment for a team and/or program.

Oct 21, 20 07:38 PM

Tommy Hulihan

Great course! Coach Boone dives deep into the Pack Line Defense! Explains and gives great drills to learn and implement! Coach Boone is a great teacher but even better person! Highly encourage coaches to purchase this course! Well worth it!!!!

Oct 29, 20 10:43 PM

Cade Scott


Dec 22, 20 08:55 AM

Steve Maneotis

Thank you Coach Boone. Great teaching content and detail available to help us prepare for our season with implementing this defense.

Jan 3, 21 07:52 PM

John Sanders

Great course, would highly recommend it. My only regret was that I didn't buy it years ago. Learned a lot about defense and has drastically improved our team defense this season from last year. Helps us to compete with other teams in our district/region that are quicker or have a dominant big man. We play this defense against every opponent and do not have to scout "plays" so much as "actions". We work on defending multiple actions daily and thus we are able to play this defense constantly rather than having to change defenses based on opponent. By taking away driving lanes and trapping in the post, naturally teams are forced to shoot deeper shots. Started putting this in the first two weeks we were allowed to practice back in November and our team is getting better all the time with it. Looking forward to building on it and getting better throughout the rest of our season and future seasons. This will be the staple of our program.

Jan 17, 21 03:52 PM

Upper Arlington High School


Aug 17, 21 01:06 PM

Jeromy Williams

Anyone who is interested in running the Pack Line defense this is a must have. Coach Boone does an excellent job in breaking down the overall defense to the nuts and bolts. The added videos are great visual tool in teaching the basic fundamentals and principles to build your overall defense. Even if you are not going to run the Pack Line it is still a great tool in teaching fundamental defensive skills, great points on culture, and what it means to be a basketball coach at any level. Coach Boone thank you for giving all you have to basketball in trying to make the overall game of a better product by sharing your knowledge and experiences.

Oct 15, 21 11:16 AM

Travis Day


Oct 31, 21 06:16 PM

Daniel Crabtree

It was an excellent course that is 100% worth your time and money. Jim Boone goes in-depth to all aspects of the Pack Line system but explains it in a way that is easy to understand. We implemented Pack Line with a varsity boys team that won 4 games in 2 years giving up 72 PPG. We have won 21 games the last 2 years while playing some of the best teams on our schedule very competitively. We also set the school record for defensive points allowed last season.

Nov 9, 21 05:07 PM

Jason Zelasney


Jul 17, 22 09:04 AM

Rome Williams


Mar 28, 23 01:16 PM

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