Read & React Boot Camp: Day 3
by Better Basketball

People tend to ask Rick Torbett questions such as “What is the best method for teaching the Read & React?” And, “How long will it take?” This extensive training program inludes a 5 part set detailing how to install the Entire Read & React in 5 Days, the methods Rick uses to install the entire system very quickly, and footage taken from 5 consecutive days of practice with the Emmanuel College Women’s team! To become an expert in Read & React, you first need to learn how it works - and this series will teach you the best way to implement it.

This video course contains Day 3. This is the third day of the five day boot camp, and Rick introduces 5 on 5 zone offense to the players now. The expectation is that the play will be a little bit sloppy for now, but if the coach allows the players to coach each other and learn from their mistakes, the learning curve is sped up and the players get enough repetition to make rapid progress with the system.

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