Scoring Against Man to Man Defense

Learn effective plays, actions and schemes that will give your team a decided strategic advantage in every game! Finally! An outstanding collection of championship offenses that you can use to score against man to man defense! These are game-proven, effective, easy to teach and easy to learn offensive schemes that are taken from the playbooks of coaches and teams like Bob Huggins (West Viriginia), Jay Wright (Villanova), Lute Olson (Arizona), Dean Smith (North Carolina), Tom Izzo (Michigan State), and the leading European clubs. You'll find schemes that you can employ if you have strong post players, or good shooters, or strong guards. Whatever your team personnel, you'll find something that will help you be hard to guard! Coach Lason Perkins gives you clear explanations and real-time whiteboard diagramming of the following plays and action, plus much more!

LasonPerkins Lason Perkins Head Basketball Coach at Cary Academy

Head Boys Basketball Coach at Cary Academy, teacher, father, husband. Student of the game and life. Partner with Whistle and a Clipboard podcast.

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