Scoring Against Zone Defenses

Learn effective plays, actions and schemes that will give your team a decided strategic advantage in every game! Finally! A collection of championship offenses that you can use to score against all types of zone defenses! These are game-proven, effective, easy to teach and easy to learn offensive schemes that are taken from the playbooks of coaches and teams like Billy Donovan (Florida), Dr. Tom Davis, Larry Brown, Chuck Daly, Roy Williams (North Carolina), and others. Whether you are facing even front zone defenses like a 2-3 or 2-1-2, or odd front defenses like the 1-2-2 or the 3-2, you’ll find the palys you need. Plus much more!

LasonPerkins Lason Perkins Head Basketball Coach at Cary Academy

Head Boys Basketball Coach at Cary Academy, teacher, father, husband. Student of the game and life. Partner with Whistle and a Clipboard podcast.

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