Screen & Roll, Backdoor Cut, Give and Go

A common approach to teaching kids to play basketball is to start with Individual Fundamentals and quickly move to Team Offense.  This basketball coaching course has been developed to add an important step in between - The Screen & Roll, Backdoor Cut, and Give and Go.  These three primary basketball plays involve more than one player and require the kids to work and play together.  As the kids learn to properly execute these multi-player fundamentals, they will be prepared to play and do well within any Team Offense.

This course includes 1 hour and 20 minutes of detailed coaching instruction and techniques that will explain in a simple, unique, and fun way the proper way to Screen & Roll, Backdoor Cut, and Give and Go. 

Developed with coaching for each individual basketball skill: SCREEN & ROLL, BACKDOOR CUT & GIVE AND GO


"Teach the kids to play, before you teach the kids to run plays!"

We hope you find this course helpful in making the game of basketball even more fun to play, watch, and coach.

FlamesBasketball Flames Basketball Founder of How To Coach Youth Basketball

At Flames Basketball, we provide information in a fun, unique, and memorable way so that youth coaches can easily teach the skills and kids can understand and apply the fundamental skills as they play. Most importantly, we hope to provide information on coaching youth basketball that creates an environment that helps all kids, parents, and coaches enjoy this great game and want to play it all the time!

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