So You Wanna Be An Agent?

by Kevin Tarca
So You Wanna Be An Agent?


Students who sign up for this course will learn the basics of being a sports agent from NBPA and FIBA certified agent, Kevin Tarca. The course curriculum is based on the framework of the role and responsibilities of a sports agent, including everything that Kevin has learned thus far in his career in the sports industry. He will discuss topics such as how to get your foot in the door, basics of recruiting, various types of contracts, the agency business model and much more.


1 Welcome to Class! 2 Course Syllabus
Module 1 - Agent Education 101
3 What Does an Agent Do? 4 Description and Role of Agent 5 NBPA Agent vs. FIBA Agent 6 Types of Agents 7 Don't Make This Rookie Mistake!!
Module 2 - How Do Agents Make Money?
8 How Agents Actually Make Money 9 Where Does The Money Come From? 10 Source of Contract Commission 11 Source of Commission
Module 3 - Sports Agency Business Model
12 Agency Business Model Explanation 13 Business Model Explanation 14 Difference #1 - Capital 15 #1 - Capital 16 Difference #2 - Number of Clients 17 #2 - Number of Clients 18 Difference #3 - Strategic Model 19 #3 - Strategic Model
Module 4 - Contracts 101
20 Types of Contracts 21 The Most Important Piece of Advice 22 Contracts Between Players and Agents 23 Contracts Between Players and Clubs 24 Pay Attention to the Details! 25 Pay Attention to the Details! 26 Bonus Download - FIBA Standard Player Contract 27 Bonus Download - NBPA Standard Player Contract 28 Bonus Download - Ballpark Salaries
Module 5 - Agent Certification Resources
29 So You Want To Make It Official? 30 Agent Certification Resources 31 To Become a NBPA Certified Agent 32 To Become a FIBA Certified Agent 33 To Become a NCAA Certified Agent
Module 6 - Recruiting 101
34 The Basics of Recruiting 35 Recruiting Basics 36 Recruiting Categories 37 Recruiting Categories
Module 7 - Disputes
38 So It Doesn't Always Work Perfectly? 39 What is a Dispute? 40 What Happens During A Dispute? 41 Relationship Paranoia 42 How Can an Agent Get Fired? 43 What Happens During a Dispute? 44 Arbitration Case Studies 45 Arbitral Award - Malik Hairston vs AEK Athens
Module 8 - Position Yourself For Success
46 It's Only A Title! 47 It's Just A Title 48 Where Do You Begin? 49 Where Are Your Relationships? 50 Five Principles for Success 51 Follow These Principles For Success 52 So What's Next??

The Coach

Kevin is the Founder of Kreation Talent Agency. He is a NBPA and FIBA certified agent.

Kevin studied finance and economics at Quinnipiac University and was a member of the men's basketball team from 2008 - 2012. Kevin started his career in the sports industry working with event management and sports marketing firm Gazelle Group, in Princeton, NJ. He then went on to obtain his masters degree in sports management & marketing (via the Euroleague Basketball Institute) from Ca' Foscari University located in Venice, Italy.

Kevin has spent the last several years immersing himself in basketball cultures around the world. He has visited 34 countries (and counting) and built a positive and trustworthy reputation throughout the NBA, G-League and overseas.

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