SSGs for Player Development and Team Offense

by Tony Miller
SSGs for Player Development and Team Offense


Want to maximize your practice time? Using a pace and space offense as a template, Coach Tony Miller will show you how to use small-sided games to simultaneously develop your players skills while also teaching team offense. These resources will provide a framework for building individual and team offensive skills into both individual workouts and team practices.

Included in the course:

  • 53:00 presentation and Q&A
  • SSG Drill book (diagrams & videos) (PDF)
  • 3 Sample Practice Plans (PDF)
  • 3 Sample Player Workouts (PDF)

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The Coach


Tony Miller

College Professor and Coach


Bio on Dr. Tony Miller:

  • Sports coaching professor at Bob Jones University (Greenville, SC).
  • Assistant men's basketball coach for the BJU Bruins (NCAA D3).
  • Contributor to FastModel Sports on topics related to basketball tactics, strategy, and player development.
  • Host of "A Quick Timeout" podcast for basketball coaches.

Ratings and Reviews (9)

Josiah Wiggins

As always Coach Miller does another fantastic job with his material! I really loved this course because of the practical application it has for all levels of basketball. My favorite games are the various 1 on 1 finishing drills as I find them very using not just for our current team but also for when I am doing camps or youth basketball events. Filled with lots of nuggets throughout the whole course I would recommend this course to anyone who is trying to develop themselves personally into the best Coach you can be. Side note: I really like the individual workout guide at the end, it may seem small but that is a great resource!

Dec 2, 20 05:09 AM

Zach Shank

Coach Miller never disappoints! His love and passion for the game of basketball can clearly be seen through his work. He is dedicated to spreading and teaching his knowledge of the game to others! If you are looking for great resources and things to add to your library than look no further!

Dec 2, 20 06:03 AM

Maggi Wooster

Awesome material throughout the course! One of my big goals for my team was to help team them different finishing moves and help them understand which moves that needed to use in certain situations. The 1 on 1 finishing drill is something that I will be using in the future. This course is easy to understand and will help coaches better understand how to develop their players through small sided games.

Dec 2, 20 12:24 PM

Alex Kipp

Coach Tony Miller provides another excellent teaching material for coaches. The packet is easy to understand as coach breaks down drills, concepts, and rules. Coach’s attention to detail and teaching points makes this a great resource for coaches at every level!

Dec 2, 20 10:54 AM

Jon DeMarco

Coach Miller is one of the best when it comes to SSGs! He takes you through decision-making, finishing, shooting, and more. I have been fortunate enough to interview Coach Miller and really enjoy the way he is able to break down the game for coaches. Whether you are an advanced coach looking to take your team to the next level or a beginner coach who wants to start incorporating SSGs with your team, there is something here for you! Take note of the finishing SSGs he shares since they will help your team to improve PPP this season!

Dec 12, 20 06:03 PM

Gilbert A. N. Abraham

Coach Miller has put together a comprehensive guide to sound skill dvelopment through the utilization of small sided games. What he has put together is thorough and useful for all levels.

Dec 30, 20 02:17 PM

Brian Carver

Amazing course! Tons of great drills for any offense! Love the decision making element to the drills

May 9, 21 10:38 AM


Excellent course. Every youth travel coach should watch this as well as "school" ball coaches.

Oct 21, 21 05:17 PM

David Bosch Beltran

Extremely simple. I didn't like it at all. Totally lacking in detail. I asked for a refund and coachtube ignored me.

Dec 3, 23 11:23 AM

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