Tempo 4 Talent - Finding the right schemes to suit your talent

by Matt Hackenberg
Tempo 4 Talent - Finding the right schemes to suit your talent


*Learn new strategies to create the most favorable game for your team in 1.5 hours

How do you create the most favorable game for your team to play in? 

This is a two step process: First, you evaluate your own team to understand the type of game they need to play to be successful, then, second, you implement the schemes and use strategies to force your opponent to play the style of game you want.

In this 42 page guide I share the four general ways to control the tempo of a game, and then give 5-7 schemes and/or strategies for each to help you create the most favorable game for your team.

Every coach has a preference and comfort level for schemes they prefer.

But every high school coach has ebbs and flows of talent through their program from season to season, and within pockets of seasons as the years go by. We all want to position our teams the best possible way for success.

To do this, we as coaches have to understand how to manipulate the schemes we choose to give our teams the best chance to win as much as we possibly can. This can be done on a year-to-year basis in the big picture, or on a game-to-game basis when we zoom in.

This doesn’t have to involve abandoning the schemes we are inclined to, but it does mean we need to strategically choose schemes based on the talent and capabilities of our personnel for specific games - or even for a full season.

This guide breaks down how to manipulate pace of play to most benefit your teams. It will discuss the theory of how to dictate pace, and what schemes and strategies you can use to achieve the pace of play your team needs.


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