The 1-3-1 Defensive System

by Frank Fogg
The 1-3-1 Defensive System


A complete breakdown on the 1-3-1 defensive system. More than just a half court defense, the 1-3-1 defensive system is an identity for your program. The system includes the 1-3-1, 1-3-1 variations, and special situations within the defense. Coverages, traps, special situations, change-ups, and drills are all covered in this comprehensive course on the 1-3-1 defensive system.

This course provides a start-to-finish guide for learning, teaching, implementing, and adjusting this aggressive 1-3-1 defense. Coach Frank Fogg covers:

  • The Pros & Cons of the 1-3-1
  • Player Roles & Responsibilities
  • Defensive Movements in the 1-3-1
  • The 3 Stages of Teaching
  • Drills & Breakdowns
  • 1-3-1 vs Common Alignments & Actions
  • 1-3-1 vs Uncommon Alignments & Actions
  • 1-3-1 Special Situations (BLOB, SLOB, & Diamond + 1)
  • Adjustments for the 1-3-1


*Filmed with System Basketball and Coach Marc Hart. Edited for CoachTube.


The Coach

Coach Frank Fogg, with 10 plus years of coaching experience, loves to shares his championship winning knowledge. Working as a high school coach at the highest level in Texas, Coach Fogg is a go-to resource for coaches across the nation.

Ratings and Reviews (11)

Joey Reyes

Exactly what I was looking for. Have purchased other courses on the 1-3-1 but none have the attention to detail and thoroughness as this one does. Especially liked the drill breakdowns with the practice film. This is it!

Mar 1, 23 09:36 PM

Shay Richardson

Extremely well-done and thorough. Everything needed from install to adjustment nuance for those coaches who wish to employ this dynamic defense.

Mar 5, 23 04:25 PM

Kyle McClendon

Very detailed yet still simple and practical enough to allow you to move toward install ASAP. Extremely helpful. Very well done and highly recommended.

Mar 9, 23 05:54 AM

Marco Gagliardi

Frank did an excellent job of breaking down the 1-3-1, giving adjustments, and giving options of other ways to play it. I loved how he presented the material. Frank answered the viewers questions, and was well prepared with tons of content for the viewer. Thanks, Marco Gagliardi MacArthur High School Lawton, OK

Oct 27, 23 09:45 AM

Andy Donovan

Coach Fogg does an awesome job of breaking down the 1-3-1. Whether you're just looking into this defense and know very little, you're a 1-3-1 veteran looking to sharpen your saw, or anywhere in-between, you will benefit from this course. Andy Donovan Frankenmuth HS

Oct 27, 23 10:14 AM

Matt Reel

Coach Fogg does an outstanding job breaking down all the facets of this defense. The units on common alignments and how to defend were especially useful. Most of the zone defense videos I have purchased do not include the drill ideas to teach the defense, but this one does. This course is an outstanding course for a new or experienced coach who is looking to add to their knowledge.

Dec 10, 23 03:50 PM


Love this course! We run 1-3-1 already but many of the terminology, drills and wrinkles are a great for those who have in the defense already. if looking for a defense change up or to find a zone to run as a base defense. This is a great video to have rules and teaching points for introduction/install.

Dec 18, 23 07:45 PM

The beauty of the 1-3-1 is that it's under utilized. The drawback of that is there's just not alot out there in breaking it down. Coach Fogg changes that here. He really does a good job providing a blueprint for success outside of the basics. Well done.

Dec 21, 23 09:39 AM

Nathan Hunt

This course provides great information and detailed teaching points along with Frank Fogg's willingness to answer questions makes this very comprehensive and positive course.

Jan 20, 24 06:56 PM

Kori Walker

This course has everything you need to implement the 1-3-1. The diagrams, explanations of roles/responsibilities, and adjustments have made this dummy proof for me to implement into my program. I highly recommend this course!

Jan 20, 24 07:18 PM


Coach Fogg is so intuitive and easy to learn from. He is a tremendous teacher. His ability to simplify yet expand the topic for all to follow is huge. Also, this system is great for anyone who wants to run it exclusively or as a changeup. Either way, Coach Fogg's course will set you in the right direction.

Feb 20, 24 10:16 AM

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