Things To Do When Your Zone Offense Isn`t Working

by Robert Starkey
Things To Do When Your Zone Offense Isn`t Working


What to do when your Zone Offense isn't working

What is a zone offense? 

Zone offense is a strategy used to counter opposing teams zone defense. Zone defenses can cause big problems for teams however the zone offense is the best way to be effective against a zone defense. Although Zone offense can be impactful, what can you do when it's not working? When you're facing obstacles in the zone offense? 

First things first, take it slow and take your time. You can't force things to work out. Slow the game down, find your spots, find your players and find the easy buckets. Fundamentals come to mind, when facing trouble shooting in the zone offense. You must ask yourself, are the fundamentals that you need to execute the zone effective? Are they established? You often hear it when your system fails, “ we’ve got to get back to the fundamentals”. Is the footwork where it needs to be? 

One fundamental that is arguably the most important to improving a zone offense is the utilization of the pass fake and shot fake. The pass fake is going to move teams east to west, the shot fake will move teams north to south. Doing so, it creates space on the floor. 

Amongst the pass fake and shot fake, there are other ways to improve your zone offense. By learning how to identify the problem, you can solve a solution. One of the smartest college minds has developed a way to debug a faulty zone offense. Introducing Auburn's Assistant Coach Bob Starkey’s..

**Zone offense troubleshooting training**

Assistant Coach Bob Starkey reveals what to do when your team isn't executing their zone offense. He helps identify what the problem is, important questions to ask, how to implement action plays and screens and how to find zones. 

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The Coach

Bob Starkey is widely considered one of the top minds in all of college basektball. He has been named an assistant coach for Auburn women's basketball. Harris said " Bob is a game changer for Auburn women's basketball. His experience building and coaching championship teams will be invaluable to our program. I have known Bob for many years and there is no better basketball mind that we could have as part of our staff."

Starkey, who has more than 30 years of experience in the SEC, comes to the PLains after recently completing his ninth season as an assistant at Texas A&M, where he helped lead the Aggiese to the SEC regular-season title. 

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