TOP40 Iverson Cut (LOOP) Systems

by Luka Bassin #BassketSTUDIO
TOP40 Iverson Cut (LOOP) Systems


Iverson Cut aka LOOP entry is one of the most popular entries in half-court systems. It allows teams to create from the top or from the side.

The basic of Iverson Cut (because Philadelphia 76ers were using this entry to create position for Allen Iverson on empty side to play Isolation) is "double Flare" screen on the top, mainly by 4 and 5 for 2 or 3. LOOP entry also allows us to make a lot of decoy or fake moves and put players into right spacing.

Systems that come from Iverson Cut can have variety of exit, basicaly all of them: empty side Pick&Rolls, top Pick&Rolls, Pin Downs, Flare screens, but also misdirection plays, different "Hoax" and systems to create shots for your Stretch Bigs.

Here is video course with advanced video breakdowns with Top 40 Iverson Cut Entry Systems and many ideas that can be implemented into your half court sets.

Enjoy the course, rate & review and get back to me in case you have some questions.


1 LOOP side Short Roll - AEK 0:42 2 LOOP Post Up BILBAO - Baskonia 0:43 3 LOOP to Stagger - Baylor 0:35 4 LOOP to Top PR - Brescia 0:31 5 LOOP Fake Stagger PIN DOWN - Brescia 0:52 6 LOOP RIP via Spain PR - Brisbane 0:38 7 LOOP UCLA PR 45 - LA Clippers 0:39 8 LOOP to Big Man Ballhandler - CSKA 0:41 9 LOOP Screen The Screener - Estonia 1:08 10 LOOP to HOF ZOOM Shot - Fenerbahce 0:40 11 Secondary LOOP via Double Zipper - Fenerbahce 0:48 12 LOOP Decoy to Spain PR - Frankfurt 0:27 13 LOOP Hoax Back Up options - Galatasaray 0:55 14 LOOP to Dallas - Germany 0:57 15 LOOP misdirection - Germany 0:46 16 LOOP Shuffle Post Up 4 - Germany 0:53 17 LOOP side PR Classic - Germany 0:56 18 LOOP Spain PR - Germany 0:37 19 LOOP Step In Weak Side - Germany 0:36 20 LOOP STS Top PR - Germany 0:46 21 LOOP Weak Side RIP - Germany 0:37 22 LOOP HOAX Back Up Options - Ilirija 1:31 23 LOOP High Low - Italy 0:56 24 LOOP Pin Down - Hapoel Jerusalem 0:40 25 LOOP STS Curl Hoax - Karhu 0:42 26 LOOP Step In Creation - Maccabi 0:54 27 LOOP Big Man Ballhandler - Olimpija 0:47 28 LOOP Curl Step In Big Man - Olimpija 0:38 29 LOOP Motion Drag - Olimpija 0:54 30 LOOP HOAX Classic - Partizan 0:27 31 LOOP Kokoskov RIP DHO - Slovenia 1:08 32 LOOP Double Tag Top PR - Szolnok 1:08 33 LOOP Cross Screen Creation - Trento 0:57 34 LOOP Misdirection Pin Down - Trento 0:46 35 LOOP Decoy Double Drag - Unics 0:52 36 LOOP Double Stagger - Unics 0:34 37 LOOP Empty Side FLARE - Venezia 0:47 38 LOOP Decoy Spain PR - Zalgiris 0:48 39 LOOP UCLA PR on The Block - Zalgiris 0:55 40 LOOP UCLA Cut POST UP Creation - Zenit 0:57 41 LOOP Chicago - Dallas Mavericks 0:38

The Coach


Luka Bassin #BassketSTUDIO

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Coach Luka Bassin is Slovenian coach, born in Ljubljana / Slovenia. After playing career he served as head coach of youth team of Olimpija Ljubljana (the best Slovenian team) and head coach at High School Bežigrad, running the best high school program in the country. He was also head coach in division 1 and division 2 of Slovenian basketball, and worked as an assistant coach in Olimpija senior team for 5 years. Luka later worked as Player Development Coach in Cedevita. During his career he was assistant coach in Slovenia national team (U20, B and senior) and still serves as an assistant coach in senior national team.

One of his passions is producing high level advanced video breakdowns and owns #BassketSTUDIO company.

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I have to say, this course by Luka Bassin on a very common entry action used in European basketball courts, was fantastic. It was very informative and engaging, and I found myself really enjoying the content. This is definitely one of my favorite courses that I have taken, and I would highly recommend it to any basketball coach or player looking to improve their skills and understanding of the game

Dec 28, 22 11:37 AM

Kostas Kalogeropoulos

The Iverson screens set is one of the most popular actions to begin a play, providing many different scoring options to players. Luka Bassin has done a great job finding & analyzing 40+ sets which are more than efficient. A must have.

Feb 18, 23 11:42 PM


Luka Basin have made an amazing work with all the ways that a team can attack with iverson sets. A must have course for everyone.

Apr 17, 23 05:58 AM

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